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  1. sooo i'm vegging with cfls but i don't wanna spend anymore money and i already have a 250watt MH thats putting out 20,500 lumens i know you only need 10k lumens per plant but is that for full flowering will it be dank if i use a mh to bud
  2. Light is light. HPS would have been more ideal, but MH will work too. I've seen people using the same Fluro's to grow from start to finish. If you are able to spend $15 more dollars I would consider buying some 2700K CFL's to add to your light spectrum so they do get some of the light they prefer for flowering. Walmart sells 42W 2700K, 2700 Lumen each for $8. I would buy 1-2 of those and put them on either side. If you want to save money on the bulb and electricity, then maybe buy smaller 2700K with less lumen. But I really believe that 2 of those plus your MH would be an awesome combo for ya.

    Good luck!
  3. come to think of it i just bought a couple 4 packs of 14 watt 2700k cfls for around the house well i know where they're not going....(the house lights)
  4. mh worked fine for flowering in the past(4me). it actually exceeded my expectations.
  5. mh will work fine
    especially if its a 250w over one plant.
    a plus side about using mh during flowering is they make the buds extremely frosty.
    they just wont pack near as much as they would with a hps.
  6. Granted I'm Newbie to the forum.....But I never was satisfied with MH Lightd...I eventually just decided to go to HPS for the whole entire cycle and never was disappointed........Granted that was with clones since more Blue light promotes females........

    at one point I had a 1000 watt halide...it made my growroom TOO HOT and I noticed no Diffrence.....For flowering I had 600 watts HPS and at one point added a 1000 watt halide to that expecting AMZING RESULTS.....I never saw or got a diffrence that using just the 600 watt HPS all alone.....(Just my 2 cents)
  7. still surprised as to why most people on this site do not seem to know about Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs. THey are the end all of lighting, full spectrum and way more uv than any hps or mh could ever dream of producing(they actually produce near nothing when it comes to uv). More red than hps and more blue than MH on top of that all from one bulb. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I have used it on 4 lucky ladies and man I will never go back after seeing the difference in THC production which is huge compared to just hps or mh or even both them together. OVerall plant vigor and health is also very noticeable. Know it, Use it, Love it. Enough said. advancedtechlighting.com is the site that carries them 53 bucks a pop and worth every penny.
  8. flowering with an mh light is fine, your buds will be more airey than if using hps(denser thicker buds) but will be more resinous , you'll lose overall weight (not too much but enough to make you change your mind to going back to hps), plus mh give off more heat than hps lights.

    but yeh can flower with metal halides.

    hope helps, M.:smoking:
  9. you must know that Ceramic Metal Halides actually put off less heat than any HPS or regular MH so you can keep it alot closer than the usual suspects. ;) Kids on this site really need to read up more on CMH it is the best option for indoor lighting as of this moment until something better comes out. Oh and density is not sacrificed with CMH either it is the best of both worlds and then some.
  10. lol ,:D just a rough guess bud...............but get the impression you like it:)

    interesting but will wait till see ,hear,read more.
    but thanks for bringing it to our attention brother;)
  11. LOL. Looks like you need to read a little more and have some real life experience with growing if you say CMH are the best option.

    Granted, a CMH in place of a reg MH for veg growth is better, but you cannot beat a HPS for flowering.

  12. I have been growing for over 6 years and as far as what I have used before using CMH and from the results I have seen from people on the international cannagraphic forums I stand by my statements and yes you may yield more with a straight HPS but quality is not there. CMH provides quality as well as the ability to yield as good as HPS. Don't tell me what I need to experience I already have experienced plenty. http://advancedtechlighting.com/cdmed18.htm

    Look at the site for yourself. ;)
    Obviously you don't understand the fact that an HPS bulb outputs close to nothing when it comes to UVB and that is directly related to THC production. CMH puts out way more than any other bulb out there in this aspect as well as more red than an HPS and more blue than an MH. Pretty easy to see the advantages. So go ahead and keep using your HPS to yield alot of lower quality bud. I like as much THC as possible on my bud so a little less quantity with alot better quality is perfectly alright with me.
  13. to finish with; So while a MH bulb is lower on the lumens scale, it has an abundance of favourable UV light,therefore thats why you should use a mh with hps especially in late flowering but preferably all through the grow;) dual or as you guys on other side of pond say full spectrum, with some folk putting 2 mh -1 hps lights in:)but as long as you use dual spectrum your getting QUALITY HERB ,time & time again........aint no debate mate. FACT!.......

    i respect your opinion,we have the right to have an opinion, but dont tell me or any other grower who have more years experience growing gods own goodness than you,ve had hot dinners, that the've been growing low quality herb................SHOWING NO RESPECT FOR GUYS/GALS ON HERE. BUDDY.... not cool ,man.

  14. you misunderstand what I was trying to say son, no doubt it is good quality but not up to par by my standards. ;) As far as what I have gotten with HPS as compared to CMH the thc production is alot better with the CMH and there is visibly way more trichomes on the same strain using CMH over HPS. Never said hps was bad just not up to par with what I like to do not hating on anybody. Just most don't seem to realize that UVB is directly related to THC production. DOn't act like you know what I have done or what knowledge I possess cause i know plenty to grow the highest quality up to my standards which everyone has their own bar they set themselves at. Peace and POT!!!
  15. dude shut it, cant beat a hps for flowering, no one wants to buy your lamp, get lost and stop posting
  16. I have overlay the light spectrum of the CMH lamp with a chart that shows the activity of photosynthesis in various ranges of the visible spectrum to see just how effective this lamp might be. Looks like a LOT o wasted energy.

  17. and and HPS is not wasted energy????? HAHA it is much more inefficient than the CMH at putting out the proper spectrum. I never said it was the end all since using MH/HPS can get you close but it still doesn't have as much of the spectrum as is put out by a CMH. HPS does provide good yields but as I said a CMH can yield just as much but with better quality because it outputs way more UV. Why does it seem like the folks at international cannagraphic seem much more professional than most on this site and realize the benefits of this bulb. Most commercial growers use HPS because of it brute force method of lighting their areas when you are pushing for quantity. I am not a commercial grower and only groww for myself and a couple friends and have more concern for quality and THC production is key cause that is what gets you high. Otherwise it is just the cannabanoids that are getting you blazed and that is why most bud is so subpar.
  18. well this is stupid just take my thread and post about everything i didn't answer i'm not spending anymore money so i don't know why your suggesting a cmh i already have a growlight and a shitload of cfls
  19. good for you son use em and stop worrying about what others think wasn't suggesting the CMH to you anyways just was pointing out the fact that if you have only space for using one bulb then it is a good choice.
  20. Metal halide is awseom for flowering if you are growing for quality rather than quanity. buds under mh light are not as dense but have so much more resin in em.. trust me the buds are fantstic but the yeild is off a little . start a sog and you wont care how much you priduce if you have a harvest every two weeks

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