Flowering with 14 hours of sun?

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  1. Hellooooo. So I have a white widow plant outside. It's feminized, and is NOT an auto. It has been in veg for 5 weeks, not it's showing some white hairs? I believe that it's bud sites forming. I am in South Africa, and it is Summer here. Right now, we have 14 hours and 20 minutes of sun light a day.
    What's happening? Is it flowering? I want it to veg for longer )): It's still getting its nutrients for veg.. Never changed it. Any advice?
  2. Pics would help but its totally possible that its flowering or it could be pre-flowers and showing it's sex.
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  3. I'll upload pics in the morning. I'm not home tonight
  4. When growing outside, light schedules are not applicable.
    You are growing seasonally. The plant will start to flower early to mid summer and finish late summer to early winter depending on strain and variety.
    When you grow indoors, you are controlling the plant to make it flower when you want it to.
    When you grow outside, the days get shorter as summer gets closer to fall. This triggers plants to flower.
    Growing outdoors is a longer time investment and produces a better end product in my opinion. The plant has longer to develop more mature terpenes.
  5. General rule of thumb I use, indicas and hybrids bloom around 14.5 hours of light, pure equatorial sativas closer too 12 hours of light to bloom.

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