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  1. I'm currently doing my first grow and I have 4 White Widow plants that are 5 weeks old (since germination). I'd like to harvest by end of december, which means there are 9 weeks left and according to the seed bank where I got my seeds from flowering takes 8 weeks.
    The thing is, they're only 30-35 cm tall at the moment and I'm wondering if it's okay to start flowering now, even though they have a lot of room to grow upwards (at least 60 cm more) and according to some articles I read plants like mine (indica dominant hybrids) grow only 1.5-2 times in height  during flowering, which would leave me with ~60 cm plants. is this okay? what should I do?
    also, one of the plants has some yellow spots in its tips and they leaves curled up a bit (the curling has reduced though), but the other ones looked fine. could this be a potassium deficit? the thing is, I only have a nutrient mix, so I can't add one individual component very easily.
    sorry for the shitty pic, cell phone camera is all I have.

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    You'll be wise to crank in the 12/12 now if you're looking to harvest in nine weeks. Don't worry about the vertical growth space, the branches will stretch up within the first couple of weeks of flowering. As for your nutrient problem, it's very strongly recommended that you buy two or three different nutrient solutions (GH's FloraBloom & FloraMicro do well enough for starters). 
    The discoloration and curled tips might indicate more towards a Calcium deficiency.
    A few pictures might help better.
  3. shit, forgot the picture

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    If you ask me, that looks like a nutrient burn. How often have you been feeding them?
  5. I have this nutrient mix that was recommended to me as a beginner by the guy in the grow shop. according to the label I'm supposed to mix 5ml with each liter of water, but I've been using half the amount and I water my plants every 2 days or when I feel they need water. for the past 3-4 days I've been giving them only water because I guessed it was an overfertilization problem.
  6. Okay, that's good you decided to stop feeding them upon noticing the problem. If the symptoms have stopped spreading by now, it's a definite nutrient burn. It'd be wise not to feed the plants with every watering or you'll risk constant overdosing and possible pH offsetting, which can lead into greater problems. 
    Is there an NPK value (look for a series of three digits) on the bottle somewhere?
  7. Who very strongly recommends buy two or three bottles of nutrient solutions? Grow shops? Nutrient companies?
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    This guy called common sense. Using only one solution for the entire life-cycle of the plant will most likely result in deficiencies and over-dosing in various nutrients. 
  9. LOL.

    You mean common canna forum rhetoric, since there are numerous grows (even on here as shocking as that is) where people don't fall into the "I need a suitcase full of shit to grow an annual" trap. Go check out cheap old basterds thread which is stickied under the indoor grow section for starters.

    Noobs need to keep things as simple as possible and learn to read their plants and not run for a cure in a bottle. Once they can do that, the need for these ridiculous regimens will be last on their lists of thkngs to waste their money on.
  10. Most deficiencies are caused by one thing....antagonism. that's where the levels of various nutrients are so far out of wack from each other that one or more elements become antagonistic to others causing lockouts. This is why people who run balanced diets and purge regularly are never here wondering why their plants are sick.
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    the most important thing we need to know is your plants PH.
    Where did I say getting "a suitcase full of shit" is needed, hmm? Two different sets of nutrient values are more than welcome so that you don't cause antagonism, as you phrased it. 
  13. Musta missed the post where you warned of antagonism. My bad.
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    My first reply to you was a poorly-phrased attempt to warn.  :hide:
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    NPK value is 3-1-3
    I also have a nute mix for flowering, which has a vlaue of 2-2-4
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    EDIT: I've been living a lie...
    I'd appreciate it if @[member="piratechefny"] shared his input on this, just to make sure. 
  17. I use 20-10-10 orchid nutes(cheap as hell) epsom salts and a N heavy blue nute and a 4-3-6 AN for my white widows. A slow build up is definitely a requirement. I killed a lot of plants on my first/current grow from boosting nutes too fast. I also do 1 day water. Next day nothing. Then nute water. Nothing. Water.

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  18. I use Jack's Cutrus FEed, which is a 20-10-20 high in sulfur. I use rain water (my tap runs 250-300ppm so I avoid it at all costs) so I need to amend with CalMg. That's it...and I run it throughout. No need for the countless horseshit boosters.

    Roots = floiage, foliage = fruit. So simple a one legged caveman on meth could do it.
  19. Holy shit... I'm honestly stumped by Uncle Ben's post! 
    How would you recommend using phosphorus, with extreme discretion and minimal dosage? 

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