Flowering week 9 question

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  1. Hey guys, sorry to be a pest, asked this last week but still wasn't sure yet. I'm beginning to think that it might be time to harvest most hairs are orange however there is some white and you can see specially the one on top. Are buds supposed to grow to fill the hairs. Sorry this is my second grow and I messed the first one up and just don't want to again. Can someone look at these and let me know if they think I should harvest or give it few more days or weeks. Thank you in advance [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Give them a little bit longer, they will get a bit bigger. You base your harvest off of the color of your trichomes. I believe you want to harvest when the trichomes are 50% amber 50% clear. Correct me if im wrong. Look around and you will find when to harvest

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  3. I've grown outdoor only and barely started indoor. What I ALWAYS went by is what Haydness had said. Also with when I just felt they looked done. 3 stages then give it a week, meaning. They'll grow white pistil's. Fill out. Grow white pistil. Fill out. Grow white pistil. Fill out then I started checking the combes. However, what I knew from when I first started doing this decades ago. EVERYONES GROWS DIFFERENT. Nobody grows the same. Like a thumbprint. I took outdoor knowledge and implemented it into indoor. Everyone thought I was retarded. Using beds. Not pods or pots. My girls are fine and dandy. Loving life. After a while you'll "grow" into it. Get it? Sorry. Old guy jokes.
  4. This is a year old post. You know that right? ;-) :-D
  5. actually. No. I didn't notice the 2017 date that I clicked on to read, then commenced reply and send. Thank you for the inlightenment kind sir.
  6. Haha I loved it you gave me a good laugh. I almost replied then was like how did he go in the future to August 9th to post this lol, then saw the date. Good times
  7. DUDE. THANK you for being real and seen it in the perspective of joking. Can it be true that I've found this Atlantis eutopia with its plethora of people like me? Yeah. That's all the big words I know. Thanks again for see it as it was. New to this place. Just joined.


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