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Flowering Week 5 small buds (with pictures)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by blueleafpencil, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. I need some advice (again) from some of you that are experienced with growing outdoors.
    My girls are around week 5 into flowering but the buds are still separated from each other on the stem and it looks like the plants won't give more than half an ounce.
    The strain is presumably LSD(60-65 days flowering) but I didn't buy the seeds from Barneys so god knows what genetics they might have.
    I grow in pots filled with soil, planted them at the end of may. They began the flowering stretch in the first/second week of august and began to show pistils (that weren't preflowers from veg) around the third week of august.
    I ran through some problems at the very beginning of flowering (first half of august): yellowing leaves at the base of the plant but the chlorosis stagnated and all the leaves around the buds (including the upper fan leaves) are green and healthy.
    My biggest concern right now is that, although buds are looking healthy with no sing of any problem they look rather small. Something like week 3 to 4 of flowering(see the images). This wouldn't be such a big problem (harvest delayed by one/two weeks) but the weather is going to turn bad two/three weeks from now at most. Right now there are around 70 to 75 F max day temp but following a few rainy days it can easily drop to around 60 - 62F max day;and If it's the end of september they might not even raise again; (I obviously won't disclose the place where I live but you can look at the forecast for London/ Amsterdam and add a few degrees more at day).
    Anyways can you tell me if there's a "hidden problem" or it is perfectly normal to have those buds right now?. Should I expect them to get bigger/ a lot bigger? Will the weather stagnate their grow rate? 20170908_093403_HDR.jpg 20170908_093433_HDR.jpg 20170908_093443_HDR.jpg 20170908_093658_HDR.jpg 20170908_093411_HDR.png
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  2. I might have uploaded more than one time the photos-sorry for inconvenience
  3. Plants are looking good. I started to flower about the same time as you. This month the buds should really start swelling.

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  4. plants look good but u def gunna have 4-5 weeks to go before finish
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  5. yea lets hope the weather stays ok for you LSD is Skunk #1 x Afghani .....mac.
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  6. Yea those still have about a month and a half left. And don't worry, I can tell that those are gonna merge to create magazine nugs
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  7. So much could happen still but yea I wanna say those should yield from half to 1oz. U said u planted in late may? How's your sunlight? They should be a lot bigger I wanna say especially since u didn't top
  8. And of course bad weather will stagnate growth. That's a given. Sun is what provides energy
  9. I have direct sunlight from around 9AM to 5/6 PM. I must mention that during early veg insects were roaming through this place and also a very strong storm cut in half one of my plants (the picture with the one branched in 3 main stems) but it seem that she bounced back pretty well (I mean it's 2.5 feet tall not much but it's something).
    That being said, I hoped for at least 1 oz per plant, half an ounce per plant would be like 3 ounces total , would last me 4 months at most
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  10. Those look like about 3 or 4 weeks into flower to me. I agree that you have about a month and a half to go. This growing thing takes patience. :) Looking at your 2nd to last picture, I'd want to see little less yellow-green and more of a deeper green... are your nutrients good? (cameras can distort colors, so I could be speaking out of turn)
  11. Oh, and I'm sure you'll get more than one ounce per plant.

  12. The bottom leaves are discoloured, as I said they were affected a month ago, probably nitrogen defficiency(?) or even rootbound(added more soil since then). Mostly the fan leaves were affected,but not only. Fed them fertilizer (N-P-K 9-3-6) since they were young and now I use bloom fertilizer 5-6-8(couldn't find one with lower N in the entire city). The ferts also contain Zn,Mg,Ca,Fe and the other nutrients.Fortunately, right now only the leaves that were previously affectet are like that .Maybe it was due to ph fluctuations, but not sure (symptoms are a bit different I think)
  13. Anyways,due to bad weather that will soon set in, the deadline is middle of october. If they don't manage to grow those buds till then, I won't have any other option than to early harvest them.
  14. the bottom leaves of weed usually start yellowing when plants usually in pots start flowering .they are using up the N in the plants leaves ,,,mac,,,,
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  15. yes harvested the buds 2 weeks and a half after those photos. they were still looking unripe mostly (90% white hairs) but the potency of the bud was high. Got a nice strog to very strong stash. yield was low though, just 1 oz per each plant (next year gonna try12 gallons pots peyote cookies and 4 gallons pots alien vs triangle auto)

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