Flowering under 6500k?

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  1. Should I do this for a day, or just let them veg for an extra day or 2? The problem is, my plants are growing at approx .5 inch a day and I need them to stay small due to a lack of space in my flower box. If I let them veg, I'm afraid that they will grow too big, but I don't wana screw anything up by flowering under the wrong light color.
  2. You won't screw anything up, but the flowering will be slow while under 6500k light. I actually suggest leaving them in total dark for 24-48 hours, it can jump-start the flowering reaction.

    A separate point: you can't possibly have your grow so well planned that at the start of flowering an extra half-inch of height will make a difference. Look into LST asap to control the height, you can still start that at this stage.
  3. Haha, yea I know that I don't have the precision to know that, but I am getting close to that "I'm getting a little worried about size" threshold sine I know that plants can double or even triple in size during flower.

    Has anyone else tried the 24-48 hours of darkness? If this has worked well for people, I might just let my plants go to sleep tonight and not wake them up until weds morning.
  4. BUMP!

    Just wanted to check to see if anyone else has had success with the 24-48 hrs of no light before flower.
  5. I was going to do the 24 hrs dark, but its so fucking cold here atm, i thought it would kill um!

    I am flowering under 2 x 125W 6500K and 2 x 30w 2700K (mainly coz i screwed up my finances) and it seems to be working....check my grow in my sig.

    Gl with your venture dude :smoking:
  6. my plant started growing real fast. at the same speed as yours. i think my plant was a Sativa dominant. after the buds started getting thick, it just stopped growing. but it did probably get 3.5 times the size after i started the flowering. check out my grow in my signature. and in case i didnt create the sig. correctly..check here:

    first grow

    i had to raise the lights everyday. i think a big problem was that i didnt have enough light. but i dont know really. maybe it was just the genetics. the plant did seem to know exactly how tall it wanted to be. and it did a damn good job of getting there and then stopping.

    also, i had her in a 5 gallon bucket. if you dont want it huge, this probably isnt a good idea. next time im going to try to find something just a tad smaller.

    you may or may not be able to do anything. but if you want to try to halt the growth all you can do is try to add more light and see if that is the reason for the growth. if it does nothing, its probably just genetics. (just an opinion)

    i only had one plant (original 3 but because of bad soil 2 didnt make it). and so although it was tall, i had a free closet to let her grow.

    a question about the wattage of the 6500k. is that the actually wattage? or the equivalent? You will need both of the 2700k for the top. and maybe one of the 6700k up top. and you can put the other on the side. but i feel like you made need more 2700k going on there. how tall is your plant now?
  7. I use the 36hr shock method like toasty. Started doin it about a year ago. Really jump starts the flowering proccess IMO.
  8. Unfortunately, last night I COMPLETELY forgot to turn my timer off so now my plants have had 4 hours of light today. I decided to turn off the light, and hope for the best since the plants are now all about 8 in tall (up from 7 yesterday!) and luckily, they do not look stretched! (I've been keeping my lights as close as possible) Lights go back on at 6 A.M. PST with 2700's in the sockets instead of 6500's

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