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  1. Hey I'm new to the forums here. I have a grow in a room and recently begun flowering. I have two clones and 6 randoms. I just chopped 5 that were male. When I pulled the soil from the buckets the roots seem to be rootlocked sort of badly. So I know the females must be in the same situation. Should I transplant to larger buckets so that flower development is not checked? Or should I leave them in the buckets. I don't want to to stress them and go herme. Also how much will this affect the total yield? Plants are about 3.5 feet tall and they're under a 600 watt hps.

    Thanks for the help!
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    i been reading about this because mine was root bound and its in flower i read that rootbounded plants stop growing because the roots have no where to go it also stunts the buds production meaning that you wont get the amount of bud you could get.

    this scared me so i carefully unravaled the root ball avoiding to damage any roots at all (very hard to do be very careful, avoid direct light getting at the roots) then i put a lil bit of the soil in the bottom of the same pot put the plant back in the pot and lightly filled the pot back up with the same soil and gave it a bit of water now shes not root bound shes free to grow

    ^^^^ this might only be a temporarily measure but it does buy you some time to buy a bigger pot, if you have a bigger pot already just do what i did but in a bigger pot

    heres a couple of links about rootbound this is my souce
  3. If shes definitely root bound IE the roots are in a circle at the bottom of the pot then you need to unravel her and put her into a new pot. Everyone says transplanting is traumatic but so far i havent had any problems just make sure the soil is dry when you do it!

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