Flowering too early?

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  1. So this is my first time growing obviously, i was wondering what is goin on with one of my plants. I have 6 different plants that were all germinated an started within the same week. At week 4, my most promising plant started forming pistols. I didnt think much of it at the time but now im on week 6 an the plants is covered in pistils an is for sure started budding. The other 5 are growing beautifully. They are all seeds i have been saving up from different no-name danks. They are in fox farm soil an i have been feeding them with humboldt nutrients. They get 18/6 light from three 300 watt cfl's. What i want to know is why my 6" tall 6 week old plant has started budding despite nutes an light times? Ill say it again this is my first time growing so im at a total loss.

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  2. that one has to be an auto strain. its going to flower no matter what light you have it under.
  3. Yeah that one is definitely auto flowering. Just let her keep going and have fun with it.

    I would transplant the other ones soon though. They're too big for the container you have them in.
  4. Ok thank alot guys, i know of auto flowing but seeing as how i come from a southern non medical state i didnt figure i would get ahold of one. Is there any special conditions i should put this plant under?
  5. nope start giving her bloom ferts thow. and move her into a bigger pot. and autos are very common. they grow super fast some of them only take like 40-60days from start to finish. many people grow them for quick turn around.
  6. Thanks again, ill get her cranked up with some bloom nutes. I cant wait till she is done. Where i come from smoking anything but shwagg is rare, so some homegrown fresh dank will b amazing.

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