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  1. So my little auto has grown quite a bit over the 3 weeks it's been since it sprouted. It's now about 7-8" tall and pretty bushy. I woke up this morning t discover it started to show pistils over night! My question would be how long do you guys think it'll be before it actually starts to flower?
  2. Pistils mean it's starting to flower.

    Auto's usually have predicted finishing periods depending on strain from seed. The shorter ones I've seen are 60 days and the longer are 90 days. It depends on what strain you have and what mix of the genetic traits your seeds gets along with many other variables that will determine how long it takes in your garden. Lighting and environmental conditions like temp and humidity play a roll. The quality and amount of your feed, ect.

    The same plant hydro and organic could have a week different mature time.
  3. Ok well in that case should I start using bloom booster nutes? I haven't used any nutes as of yet because I use Fox Farms Ocean Floor soil and was told I should be good on nutes for a while. I was gonna start the nutes for veg today once I water it
  4. do not use bloom booster nutrients until week 3 of the buds start showing . my opinion . use veg nutrients . once the buds are about 1/2 inch around its time to hit the bloom nutrients . you will not miss out on yield trust me how im telling you . but it will keep the plant green the entire grow and a happy healthy plant will give more yield then a yellowing one from pumping bloom boosters .
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  5. Ok thanks man!

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