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  1. I know that harvesting time obviously varies from grow to grow, but Ive never seen someone clarify this.. When a site says "Flowering time 8-9 weeks" Does this mean 8-9 weeks from when the seedling pops up? Or does it mean 8-9 weeks from when you first switch to 12/12 and start flowering.. Im surprised I havent come across the answer before haha, Ive been researching for around 2 months :D
  2. Unfortunately, it's when you switch to 12/12.

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  3. Thats what I assumed :/ Damn this strain im wanting takes 9-12. What would be the best way of growing 2 strains with different flower lengths in one tent with one scrog system? like an 11 week and an 8 week strain together..?
  4. Haven't went scrog yet, sorry.

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