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  1. When the seedbank says a strain takes 'x' number of days to flower, do they mean days from the flip to 12/12 or from the first appearance of flowers/pistils? I'm closing in on harvest in the next few weeks, and I'd like to time it perfectly so I have the next batch of clones ready to put in the flowering area.

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  2. They mean from the time you start your 12/12... and if your gonna take clones your gonna wanna do that before you start flowering (12/12) good luck how many you got?
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    That is incorrect all flower times are set from the first sign of flower

    you can take clones as far as one week in this is my opinion as I do this to fill my trays full not all the girls make it all the time makes me sad face

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  4. That's cool, means harvest is coming earlier. I have mother plants so I take clones when I want them, but this is my first batch of clones that's approaching harvest. I just want to have another batch ready to put into flower without any down time. Thanks for the reply.
  5. OK, that's one vote for the 12/12, one vote for the pistils. Maybe I should have set up a poll.
  6. Lol

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  7. Mother to cut is the way to go and if you have enough time and space get 2 sets of girls under the hps to get more frequent harvest :p
  8. Yeah I'm just now have my last tray in the flower room and then I'm shutting down for the summer

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    start your count when pistils develop. you shouldn't cut by day ever. buy a scope and check your trichomes. Scope will come in handy identifying pests as well.
  10. start counting after you switch to 12/12 and see pistils developing everywhere. remember if you veg a plant for a long time it can start shooting pistils out before 12/12 so in that case you still have about a 7 day transition period after switching to 12/12 until you start to see rapid calyx/pistil production.

    then on the other hand if you start a plant flowering straight from seed, it could take a month on 12/12 before you see the plant start to take off flowering... then you start the count. never trust what the "websites" say anyway...learn to tell signs of a mature plant/bud. lots of breeders will say their stuff finishes in 50-55days..but they also could have different phenotypes that take 60-70days. of course they are going to sell you on the 50-55 day pheno instead of listing it as a 10week flowering plant. i barely keep track at all of how long they flower..they are done when they are done :)
  11. Word ^^

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  12. Looks like it's safe to say I need to add a week to 10 days from 12/12 to the 60-65 days that Attitude claims. Gives me a little more time to take clones and more time for my buds to grow.

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