Flowering time, scrog or training?

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  1. Hello all
    39 days week 6 of veg
    On the overall I should have flowered my plants a week - a week and a half ago, but i was late now need to go into flowering fast i can even Today!
    I allready made 2 time's topping and a LST and trained last week. Now flowering.
    What you recommend me on my situation
    Scrog or keep training.
    If i made a scrog i lose all the smaller Bud's in the middle and on the side's (during lollipop or even if they not reach to the net)
    On the other hand, in my situation can i continue without scrog? Only training?

    Any help will be blessed

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  2. I'd run a scrog for sure. This is my first year doing it outdoors, and it helped tremendously
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    You can do either way. It's up to you completly

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