Flowering Time!! Moment of truth! Doomsday clock initiated!

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    For those of you who are wondering when the correct time to put clones outside to veg naturally, I had success putting them outside on the 13th of June. Zero growth issues. No pre-flower nonsense. I was able to get 25days of pure veg growth out of my indicas before the plants structure started to change. I was taking pics on a daily basis to compare. On July 5th, everything started to change. Literally overnight. I still have two sativa's that are in veg. They started with 24/0. Then 18/6 for a full month, then tapered down to 16/8. When transplanted outdoors on the 2nd of June, I used a cheap 15watt bulb to artifically stretch day to 15hours and 30min so that the plant wouldn't go into some form of shock going from 16/8 to natural 14hrs and 50min of daylight (that includes civil daylight, which also read on the luxmeter). I didn't want to transition straight to having one full less hour gap of light. Then on the 7th I took a half hour away from timer. Then on 13th I let them go naturally. Success. Was afraid that these would snap into flower right away.

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  2. I'm in Baja California right below the border. So if it worked for me on the 13th it should literally work for everyone above my latitude
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  3. Oh yeah...them chica's are starting that flowering structure nicely. Good work man.
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  4. Did you hand tie your trellising?
  5. Obviously strain dependent. The ogs
    Negative. I weaved the pvc piping thru it. Did the longer sides first. Then weaved the shorter tubes.
  6. You can buy that trellising like that? IS it string, or plastic? I used some of that plastic last season and my dog got it wrapped around her neck.
  7. I put mine out the weekend before mother's day. With supplemental lighting to keep them from flowering early so almost 90 days in veg.
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  8. You have some photos?
  9. 10 more days..... and 30 more days... day 60 from sprout ak-47 and operp kush fem/auto

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  10. Nice. Have you by chance open your buds and checked for caterpillars?
  11. Yup, when I put her out in May. Cheese Quake TGA seeds. Purchased from Subcool directly
    Picture date May 11, 2017
    About an hour ago. Raised bed size 36x36x12. A little under 5 feet tall and about 5 feet wide. Flower is just starting. Probably stretch for another 2 weeks.
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  12. Looking good! I like the soaker hose idea. I don't have that option as I have to tote the water up to my grow by truck and then pump it out. So I pre mix the nutes, and drive a 275 gal tote about 1000' up our hill to my grow. It a bit of an inconvenience.
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  13. The soaker hose works pretty good. Cheapo from the 99 cent store. They aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination. They leave a few dry areas in my boxes. So I've still got to hand water a couple times a week.
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  14. Yeah I can relate. I like the saving money part of it! I am watering every other day with this triple digit heat wave we've been having. It is supposed to start cooling down today. Bottom trimming today and watering with a compost tea tomorrow. 2 more weeks to transition.

    Happy Harvesting!
  15. Have you been getting hit hard by grasshoppers this year? They have been stupid thick this year. I've planted a pineapple sage a bit away from my cannabis. It seems to have lured the little bastards away from the med crop.
  16. It's nylon string. I bought it locally. It was 60x10 for 150 pesos. Around 12 bucks US. It can hold 30kilos of pressure
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  17. T
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  18. They aren't as bad as they were last season. Very title crop damage.Although this year I weed wacked heavily before planting and then I followed up with my spray rig and sprayed Sevin around the perimeter. They have been around but I have also been using AZAMAX. I will start spraying BT very soon for caterpillars. Up here in the foothills pests are hard to manage if one isn't on top of it!
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  19. Nice man. I've been vegging since laye March and early April for the alien og.

    That gardening section in the 99cen store was impressive lol. I bought a ton of stuff there.
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  20. I've been pretty lucky so far. I used to have a ton of grasshoppers but so far in the past 3-4 months, I've only seen one and I was lucky to be outside when it landed on my plant. Grabbed the bastard and kill it. It was huge. Pretty sure it would have messed stuff up
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