Flowering time for Jack Herer/Goldtrain hybrid

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  1. I have 5 "Golden Jacks" as I have started calling them. They are a hybrid of jack Herer x Goldtrain (which is a hybrid Pot O' Gold x trainwreck) I recieved as a clone. I was one of the first to recieve this strain so there hasn't been a lot of information about flowering time available. Anyone want to venture any guesses? These pictures were just taken, they are 28 days into flowering. Grown in dirt, fed Fox Farms Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom and molasses. Temps are high 70's to low 80's during the light cycle and mid to high 60's lights off. RH is around is around 35 - 45%



  2. need more times wait for hairs are orange
  3. another 2 to 3 weeks left
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    looking beautiful...well kept and loved properly....being a trainwreck hybrid should yield great...trainwreck being one of the top indoor yielding strains...keep up the great work..FYI jack herer is a 13wk flowering plant...being a hybrid it my be bread to go a little shorter..9-11wks would be good...watch the trichs around wk81/2-9 and go from there...you want roughly a 50-50 ratio of amber to white...and yank-n-dry...good luck

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