Flowering temps 29/30c (84/86f)

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  1. I know I've read ideal temps for flower are no higher than 26c / 80f (acordigng to my current bible, gwe.com) but it's summer and its not gonna happen. Temps WILL be around 29/30c for flower.

    I attached them to the scrog net and reset the electric one today. There In the middle of the tent under the light. The temps stay like this weather the fan is full speed or half speed, they don't change! So this is goona be It really until temps start to get cooler outside.


    I've took these from the page which has me thinking...

    So this is about the ideal temps;

    Then this get me scared about temps above 26c


    But then it says this, and I'm thinking I have a 600w hps so I'll be fine.


    What input do you guys have for me? Also my local hydro shop sells these co2 block things, should I pick em up?
  2. Lol after writing this now I think maybe all the info is there for me and I'm just over thinking again. :D

  3. Yeah,i was just gonna say that :D
    Im doing my first grow and i was overthinking everything and thinking the smallest mistake will ruin my crop.The plant is incredible and has power to recover from almost everything.Im in week 4 of flower and my temps are about 30 degrees c.
    Can u post some photos of the whole plant/s?
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  4. I am in week 1 of flower stage. Temperature is around 28-32 C:
  5. My temps are around 79-82, but I'm running cobs so I can run temps a bit warmer.

    Either way you should be fine

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  6. I'm in my 4th week and temps have been between 75f-82F depending on the weather outside. So far there not complaining,, running 600whps

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  7. 84 seems to be the max I can hit and still have healthy plants. As soon as they spend any amount of time above that I start to have negative effects.

    If you live in a dry climate you can reduce the temp by blowing air through a wet towel. It will increase the humidity but if you move a lot of air it probably won't cause mold. This is the principle that evaporative coolers work off of. If your air is under about 18-20% humidity when it passes over the water in the wet towel some of the water will flash off to vapor because of the dryness of the air. When this happens the temp of the air is immediately reduced by 15 degrees or more.
  8. I sit around that mark unless we have a really hot day. 2 days ago for most of the day it was around 32is (88/90f), grrrrr!
    But the fan wasn't on full speed. I've been messing with the settings but now I'll leave it on full see how that goes.

    So this wet towel thing. Like just lay a wet towel down in the intake ductin? My humidity sits just under 40 I think... I froze a bottle of water wan put that in the end but I checked about half hour after I put it down and it was all wet so I took it out and dried it.
    I could defo play with raising the humidity for a cheap way to lower the temps a couple of degrees when it's needed.
    this was paying on my head for the longest amount of time but I've started thinking its summer so I'll all i can do is my best lol..

    Winter is here!!! Well nearly anyway lol so this won't be a problem for the next..
  9. IMO plants adapt to conditions within reason, during my gorilla days i watered every two weeks they would all be standing tall but if i went 16 days they were all hanging they adapted to and needed water every 14 days, i mention this only because imo consistently is what plants like, temporary things to cool can work but unless you do them everyday you are subjecting your girls to different conditions making it harder for them to adapt..,, take it with a grain of salt just my stoner opinions
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  10. It's true that they will adapt and survive. If they're hot all the time they just deal with it. There's a guy growing coco in Australia in the hydro section and his room is over 90 and his crops still turn out. They grow a little different from all the heat. He has more pistil growth then I've ever seen. The buds look like more pistil then leaf.

    I wouldn't put a wet rag over the intake. I would hang a wet towel in the middle of the room the grow space is in and put a large fan on it. If your air is dry enough it drops the temp 10+ degrees.
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