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  1. I'm into day 19 of flower of my first grow. I let them veg for 8-9 weeks. I got these from a friend who couldn't care for them. He never told me what they were or anything like that. So With that said. I've been growing them up with 2 48" ecolux fluro's with a blue spectrum to the budding stage now using 4 48" ecolux kitchen and bath 3400 lum. fluro's. first 8-9 weeks were 18/6 now in budding they at 11/13. I keep a fan on them with tinfoil around the walls for extra light of course. I'm using 5gal buckets with organic soil. I did give these guys a rough start with lighting for the first 2 weeks I received them the 2nd week they were 1" tall. I had dropped a light on them while hanging the lights as well. They've all recovered except 1 that had the main cola chopped :(. I plan on doing more with halide once this is over and I have learned the process more.

    So now that I'm at this point... I do not know how long to keep them in budding stage.. Also Maybe some help as to what kind they may be? I want to say some good bagseed but they don't smell like it! haha. They don't seem to have the look of bagseed neither.

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  2. You might want to get some 30 watt cfls because tube fluro's are really bad for flowering as they spread the light out over too much area and not enough is concentrated on the plant. You need 100 (actual) watts per plant during flowering for good bud growth. It's way too early to have any idea of what strain they are.
    To know when they're finished you would need to get a jewelers lupe or magnifying glass that is atleast 30x (the best are the adjustable kind at radio shack that go up to 100x). When you look at the buds crystals through the magnifying glass you will see if the crystal is either clear, cloudy, or amber(red). You want to harvest when about 50% of the crystals (trichromes) are amber, and the rest should be cloudy. Never harvest with clear trichs.
  3. Oh wow I didn't know that. I figured they needed the lumens more. Well good. I will pick up a couple cfl's today. Any specific type? Or could you go to somewhere like walmart and pick them up... They are the little light bulbs that look more like a light bulb but they have the twist to them. best way to describe it haha. And what do I do put them about 2" or so away from the plant or plants? I should just go buy a light fixture that can hold about 4 or 5 cfl's those twisty lights and put cfl's in it! haha. Might work? lol. Also would save on plugs... But would the wattage be lower per light being on one fixture? Considering my of workspace that would probably be a good idea.. Or maybe not, but so far it seems right haha!

    And I will get to the magnifying glass as well.. When they are developed more of course.
  4. Yeah walmart or home depot will have them.. home depot is the cheapest. They are the twisty looking bulbs and you keep them 2-3 inches away (they are slightly hotter then the tube fluorescents). The best way to hook them up is get a power strip and at home depot or walmart they have outlet to socket converters for less than $1 each and you just plug those into the power strip and hang the powerstrip.
    The multipacks are usually around 30 (actual) watts and sometimes you can find single bulbs up to 125 watts but its better to get a few 30s and spread out the light. If they don't say the light temperature (around 3000k) then just make sure they're not daylight bulbs since you want yellow light for flowering.
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    awesome. I'm looking forward to doing that. They are only at day 20 of flowering so they seem like they may have alot longer to go well not ALOT but enough for me to get these lights that will still help it out. Should I keep the blue spectrum lights on them for more light or probably not because of the color? ... at least until i get the cfl's..

    So power strip
    outlet to socket converters
    cfl's light temp 3000k (I've seen the 65-75 watt ones to and stuff like that... Would these be ok to? as long as they are the red color.) Since I have 4 48" fluoro's already hanging.. I could just put them around the plants for this grow.. Would that be the same? use the converters for only like 4 cfl's around the plants kinda deal around the sides, instead of right above due to the 48inchers.. Would that work just as good? I'm working with a closet about 2.5-3ft x 5-6ft.

    Thanks again bud! :)
  6. Flowering times are usually 60 - 70 days depending strain with most of the bud weight put on in the last 21-28 days.
    More light for the plants is always better, but the more powerful bulbs are going to be more expensive and like I said before it's better to have more 30w bulbs rather then a couple 65w+ bulbs. Since you already have the 48's you can use those to cover the top and then have the cfls on the sides inbetween the plants but try to have the cfl as close the tops of the plants as possible and the cfl should be pointed sideways parallel to floor.
  7. Sick! 60 - 70 days phew.. haha. I didn't know they needed to be in flower for that long. wow. haha. Its ok I've had it going for 3 months now... Why not wait longer. haha. that was a good idea with the cfl's. I'll be doing that. Thanks man you've been some help. I appreciate it. I'm sure I'll be right back in a few days to update or so. :)
  8. I went out today and bought 3 cfl's soft white, 2700k, 1600 lumens, 23watts. 100w equivalent. I truthfully need 7 probably.. But this will do better then what I have now. I also bought another power strip but I went to lowes and home depot today and couldn't find the sockets... Anywhere. I even asked the lady! hahaha. Didn't tell her what for obviously. But they said that this one rip off hardware store would have them... Which is a very far drive.. So I'm thinking about just buying a fixture that I can put them in. One of those fixtures that twist and bend... They had a 9ft one for 19 bucks at home depot that was bendable.... I might just have to do that... Would that be okay? because i could bend them on a 90 degree angle and have them close to the tops... Otherwise I would have to buy the aluminum cones or household light fixture...

    Btw... There looking like hermi's now but still look good. I will probably continue to grow them just because I want the experience and they are nearing finish.. But we will see! I love mystery's haha.
  9. I know for sure home depot, lowes and walmart all have those outlet converters, but yes they are hard to find... I usually get really high and walk around for an hour before I find them. Print this and maybe itll help them find it. It's your choice whether you want to try to look again to save money or just get a fixture but a fixture is going to give you less options of how you set the bulbs up.

    What makes you say they look like hermie's? Are they getting 100% dark at night?
  10. Yeah there getting 100% dark. I have them in a utility type closet. I have 5 old comforters infront of the door hahahaha. with the cracks closed off. I also tested the closet from looking at it on the outside at night with the lights on inside.. I couldn't see them through the door at all. I think it may be because one of them is a male... I can kinda tell its not pictured but it has seeds I can see them. And I never took it out... But I have 3 5gal buckets 2 in each.. And they are 3 1/2 - 4ft tall. Just because I didn't have the money for more dirt, bucket and more lights... So I did it with 2 in each.. Plus when I got them, they were all together in one pot about 8" round.. 10 of them.. 1-2" tall. I had to get rid of a few I didn't have room for all of them. I took the best looking ones.
    I took some pictures tonight.. Could possibly be straight male... But.. I'm not an expert with that area. None of the areas hahahaha. But specifically that one.

    that link says there offline.. I'll check it later.. But yeah I know what you mean exactly... But I guess these people don't know what I'm talking about haha. I'll print that up.

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  11. Link worked now. I know what your saying. I've printed it off and will be back soon haha.
  12. If you had a straight male it wouldn't produce any bud at all, just seeds. From the pics it looks like they are all female with some slight hermie which will give you seeds for your next grow but take away from the quality of the bud
  13. Your plants look all female. No signs of male flowers in the pics. Males do not produce seeds, only pollen, the female produces the seed. Take a look at some pictures showing the difference between male and female MJ plants. Females have the two creamy stigmas emerging from the calyx of the seed pod.
  14. Welllllll Thats what the one looks like. So I guess pull it? useful at all? I'll take a picture of it when the lights come on within the next 15 minutes. No budding just look like pollen and seeds... and the one next to it has hairs to but it is got pollen as well. I'll take a picture of it shortly.

    I always thought female's produce buds with no seeds.. and males seeds but I guess I have it a little confused. haha. I didn't know females had seeds.... Well I knew they had a few.. but yeah.
  15. This is 2 plants 3 pictures. These are the only 2 that are something male/female lol. The rest are the ones pictured before.

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  16. First pic definately male. Put a plastic bag over this plant and remove it from the grow area, it is spreading pollen everywhere. Second pic is hermi. Get rid of this plant as well.
  17. Ok Cool. Got rid of them. Now makes the area smaller for better lighting :).

    5 plants 2 - 4ft tall
    3 cfl's 2700k soft white
    4 48" kitchen and bath ecolux fluro's.
    3 5gal buckets
    organic soil
    never used strong nutes just a small dose of root transplant / shock / enchancer miracle grow but now I don't use anything just good water.

    like I said this is a grow that was given to me but before I had gotten it I was starting some others and decided to just stick with these. These are for someone with cancer, If they turn out to be something I can give them. plus a little for me :)
  18. So I've added the lighting its been a little while.. I figured I'd update with another question.

    So some of the leaves on the plants around the buds seem to be dying a little bit... Not sure of the cause of this it's happening all around except for 1 plant.
    Any help would be appreciated as usual :)

    Also let me know how everything else is going... Not sure how everything is looking I believe its at day 34 now of flower.


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  19. I took a couple close ups to show the crystals a little more. i don't think they are quite there yet but I feel maybe close like 2 weeks or so... maybe i'm way off... oh i don't know haha!

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  20. Most of the leaves seem to be dying around the bud is this normal? I've Really been noticing it these past couple days. I can't seem to figure out what the problem may be. I was reading and I found 2 answers. ph levels off or that the plant is near its ending stages. I was thinking about adding some nutes or somethig to help it at least. I haven't been using anything in the last few weeks of flowering... bad? aha. Just water that I bubbled for a few days.

    here is a somewhat clear picture of one of the tops. but the previous post has the dying leaves. any help?

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