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  1. I'm on day 24 of 12/12 w/ 3 fems 400w hps 4x4 space
    just had a few questions

    the tips of some of the flowers (stigmas)are turning brown--is this supposed to happen so soon?
    the buds are plentiful but small will they get bigger?
    what's worth smoking besides buds?r the leaves any good?

    i used 2 different bagseed so i don't know exact strains but two of the plants are clearly from the same line, sativa traits. They don't smell at all. The other has indica traits and is hella skunky. I have Fox Farm Bloom for ferts. This is the first time I got to the flowering stage and I don't want to screw it up. Please, any tips/advice is appreciated.
  2. Well I am also to the flowering stage, so i guess i can help you on this one. I dont really know if your flowers are exposed to be turning brow at the tips of em but it sounds you were using to much fert. I would cut your fert. level down 50%. My plant had done the same thing, i tried cutting my fert. back 50% but it still had intentions of continuing. I was searching through the net and came up with something that really cured my plant. Milk, Milk is a good treatment for Blossom End Rot, Even if nothing is wrong with your plant milk still gives of calcium to the plant wich will make it healthier.

    Organic Treatment for Blossom End Rot

    Spraying (misting) your plants with milk is reportedly a good totally organic cure for blossom end rot. Apparently its the calcium in the milk that does the trick. If you are growing in soil you can pour the milk directly on the ground around the plants instead of spraying the plants.

    GoT MiLk?
  3. I don't think it's overfert cause I only fert every ten days w/ half the recommended dosage. My pots are small about 2 gal., plants are about 3 feet each so I have to water every two-three days.( I use a moisture meter ) I looked at the plants again and they look fine--I think the stigmas with the browning tips are the older ones--most are still white. I'm starting to see resin glands(I think) around the flowers and connecting leaves. It looks like powdered sugar sprinkled on the flowers. The bottom and some middle leaves are dying from lack of light--should I just remove the fan leaves so more light can get through? Are these leaves worth smoking?
  4. Well you could be riight, I cant really give you the help you need without some pictures or something to identify what you are talking about, But you say that you only use fert. every 10 dayz, so it cant be over fert. I would still use milk, cause it sounds like your plant has a case of Blossom End Rot. If you dont wanna use Milk then you can goto a hyrdo-store and get some calcium, or order it off the net, but milk is alot cheaper and works the same. Alot of people agree and disagree about taking the leaves off the plant to get more light and ventalation- What i think is that if the plant dosnt need those inparticular leaves then it will drop it when needs. Honestly i dont really think fan Leaves are all that great to smoke unless you like bad tastes in your mouth and harsh coughing... GooD LucK!
  5. Sounds as if some of the buds are getting ready to ripen, the fan leaves are not any good for smoking, the smaller ones will be, as the small leaves will have resins on them given time. Yes, prune the lower fan leaves now. I prune the fan leaves all the time on my indoor setup and have had no problems.
    good luck

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