flowering questions with 14 plants

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  1. ok so im growing 14 plants under 600w hps and i just put them into flowering (12light/12dark) and i have some questions...

    im planning on adding in bloom booster 2 weeks into the flowering. good idea or not?

    im also planning on adding resin oil 4 weeks into flowering. good idea or not?

    i typically water every 4 days, s=do flowering plants need more water?

    the humidity level is around 50%, is that ideal?

    any other suggestions or input is welcome. thanks in advance
  2. i'd like to see a pic of 14 plants under a 600 watt. seems extremely under lit considering you should have 100w on each plant. bloom booster wont hurt if that was even a question as far as the oil i can't help you on that one. do you add molasses?
  3. I have 8 plants under 650 watts total and they are flourishing fine and healthy?

  4. lol i can "flourish and grow healthy plants with CFL's it doesn't say much. but roll with it if it works
  5. i can help out with one of your questions....Plants do use more water during flowering however you want to allow the soil to dry out quite a bit before watering again

    i touch the top of my soil about 1-2 inches to check if they need watered.

    also you can lift the whole pot and weight it after you water and weight it before you water...if you do not have a scale you can simply lift it yourself and go by feel

    as a new grower myself i had problems overwatering my first 2 grows until i learned these two ways to check before watering
  6. IMO it does seem under lit.:(

    You should definitely use a flowering formulated nutrient. As your plants get through flowering (read: get bigger), they will need more water, but you should feed based on their needs (and soil condition). I don't know about resin oil; that's totally a new one on me:confused_2:. Definitely use unsulphured blackstrap molasses though. Humidity should be fine, though I hear some people like around 60%. Humididty is a thing I haven't had to mess with yet, but the rainy season is coming soon enough.

    I am presently using Tiger Bloom for food at a little less than manufacturer suggested amounts. I also use 1T of molasses per gal, 1tsp of epsom salts per gal, and a capful or 2 of Hydrogen peroxide per gal. All of that is pH'd as my nutes and the molasses are pretty acidic. I just use apple cider vinegar or baking soda for pH+ and -. For water only feedings, they get exactly that: Water only (sometimes with H2O2).

    That is what's working for me, but you'll find what works for you.
  7. Has anyone ever actually tried to grow that many plants in one cycle??? Ive flowered 20 purple kush clones indoors in my closet (6ft x 4ft.) with my 600 hps. I used 2 gal. buckets and they were beautiful.

    I think he can definitely flower 14 plants with the 600 watt depending how big his grow space is. Wat u guys think?
  8. Good point purp. I should probably not assume that he is letting his plants get as big as mine. Plenty of people have success with more plants they keep small. :eek:
  9. humidity=30-50% dont let it get above 50% for extended periods of time.
    how big are your pots? 14 plants is gonna take up a lot of space when they get bigger.

    I use 1000w hps lights and with my ebb and flow hydro system i can fit 9 under 1 light. in 5 gal buckets i can fit 5 under it so you need to remember they will get very big and you may need to pull a few out and kill them to get a proper grow room going.
  10. all the plants are doing great
    they were growing between an inch and 2 inches a day during veg and are all between 2 and 3 1/2 feet ( some clones were purchased later on so they are smaller)
    as for the pot size i vegged them in 1 gal pots and moved them to 3 gal since i read that plants can double in flowering and i figured the roots would need more room
    i was thinking that i may need 1000w but they are doing fine under 600w and i didnt wanna risk burning them with the hps lighting since i have no fan on the hood
    i havent measured the grow room exactly but id say that it is about 3ft x 12ft...i could be way off though haha
    i have two rows of seven plants and the 3 gal pots have about 2-3 inches between them and about 8 inches between the 2 rows
    im planning on trying damprip to lower the humidity, its currently at 60
    ive been watering them everyday for the past week which is week 2 of flowering
    i also started adding bloom booster to the plants last night
  11. ill try to get pics up soon but for now my camera is tweeking out on me
  12. by the way im growing 1 purple kush, 1 recon, 6 chocolate chunk, and 6 black domina
  13. i also forgot to mention that i have reflective sheets up :rolleyes: sorry for forgetting that hahaha
  14. get some pics up when you can and i can help more when i see the setup.

    I used to run 4 1000w lights with no fan on the lights and no ducting run through the hoods.

    I vented out a window and had 2 fans in the room but they werent aimed at the lights. I opened the door from time to time to help but it never got too hot. I never ran an AC either.

    So if you want to use 1k watts you will def get more yield. you get what you pay for.
  15. why would raising the wattage increase yield?
  16. more light gives the plant more energy to turn into food. thus eat more get bigger.

    how do people get fat? they eat food all day. how do plants get fat? they get lots of food to eat.

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