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  1. hey all just wondering...when ur "counting" days or weeks of flowering...do you count from the day you started going 12/12....or the day you "noticed" action after you went 12/12....becuz i went 12/12 on sept 20th...i noticed flowers on most plants 9/26 others 9/30 please let me know when you can..so i can update my journal i was going from the time i noticed "flowers" but not sure if that is how you count it... thanks!


    The CannabisCouple
  2. i go from when it was switched to 12/12 its all up to you though and its only 6 days so its not that much of a difference
  3. From when the plant first shows sign of sex. "Flowering" is a plant life stage, not a light cycle. It could have already occurred when you flip to 12/12, or it may take up to about 3 weeks after.
  4. okay great thanks all!!!!!!!!

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