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  1. i have been flowering my 9 ICE strain feminized plants for 3 weeks. light cycle is 12/12 under a 400w HPS. The plants are growing like monsters and are about 3 feet high with huge root mass. They are all confirmed females. They haven't begun to grow hairs or bud. They are just getting bigger! How long til they begin budding? I use botanicare nutes in a deep water culture system. The ceiling is only 8 feet tall, and if they grow much taller the light may start scorching them. The leaves are 6-8 inches across. The plants have thick stems, and dense tight branch and leaf growth.

    How long til I should see buds? Will they keep growing up?
  2. Not sure how long until bud productin begins, you are definatly stretching from what you have said. Do you have room to tie them down? If so do it, plus itll allow some more bud sites to get light

    Good luck
  3. The rate of flowering increase is proportional to the decrease in stretch. Start supercropping (bending) now and not later. Later the plants will not recover and knuckle the bends as quickly because they will be focusing on flowers. After two or three days the leaves above the bend will be a darker green from the extra nutrient flow. It takes a week for new growth above the bend, but some plants recover in a day. IMO the buds above the bebd will be larger after two weeks and the bending let's the lower buds catch up more.
  4. indy, i dont know how your set up is. make sure that the room really is dark for that 12-12. they might still be in veg mode!!:eek:
  5. I agree with jonestown,I'd start supercropping.If ya can get some bushmaster it works pretty good,but this doesn't fix ur problem.is ur roomlight tight?Timer workin correctly.3 weeks for ICE you should def see flowering.
  6. The room is tight...and the it is completely dark. I set the timer to go from 11pm to 11am. the room is completely dark in a closet not near any windows. see the pic below. I think I'm starting to see flowering areas today. but not too sure. I will get pics and post them.

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