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  1. So i am wanting to enduce flowering onto a new plant. Its about a week from sprout. I just want to see if its female or not and see if its worth it. 3rd leaf set started showing the 13th late evening and was wondering how harsh it would be on a plant to enduce then if it was fem to bring back into veg for more growth. I know it will get a growth spurt if i force flowering and just wanted to get everyones thoughts on it. And what if i were to take clippings from her when she is in flowering (after sexing) and then throw them back into veg. The 24hr light would help her heal faster.. anyones thoughts would be great!!!
  2. I've heard that if you take a cutting from a flowering plant, the clones are under more stress and thus less likely to root..... but that's just what I've read so it can probably be taken with a grain of salt.... I'm sure if you just waited for it to show sex, then re-vegged it wouldn't be a big deal.
  3. The general Idea is too take your 5-10 whatever seeds. Sprout. veg for a 3 weeks or a month or so(So the plant is mature enough to flower-less chance of males and hermi..) but at about 2-4 weeks (depending on growth rate) of the plant sprouting.. you will take a couple clones off each plant and flower the clones too see what parents sex is... just label the clones and chop the males... Toss the clones or whatever and flower all the large mothers or save one or two whatever for more clones...

    Now this is just the general idea.. I think to start flowering this early would stress the plant a bit going back into veg but so be it I guess.. I would not flower this plant(say female) and then take clones.. You should only take clones while in veg or early flower week.. I think that plant is too small to expect a stretch and too get hearty clones off it while in flower.. I think it would be best to give it the two more weeks(this hobby is all about patients) and then see how much bud and clone it will give you

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