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  1. Will these buds get much bigger or no?


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  2. How far along are they?
    What sort of nutes and lights are you using?
  3. you just gave us no info on flowering time, nutes, ect. how can you expect any info back?
  4. I would say almost 2 months flowering. I didn't keep exact track of time because she was shocked a quite bit in early flower stage.

    -happy frog soil/fruit n flower nutes
    - 135w led 3w
    - 5 g pot

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    Probably wont get much bigger, only 135W of LED is not much light at all for a plant. 
  6. Really? I've seen bigger with less light. Ohh well we shall see

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  7. If you shocked it you may need 3 months
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  8. keep leds as close as you can feed some molassas and they normally chunk up right close tonthe end last 2 weeks buds get chunky but keep an eye on ya trichs when you got 30% amber stick her in darkness for 24-48 hours then chop and dry :)
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  9. Ill give this a try, thanks! !


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