Flowering question (268 true W LED vs 300W HPS)

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by LaceMyBudwithTHC, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. What do you guys think (please only answer if you have experience, preferably first hand experience)

    AREA: 36x20x62

    QUESTION: which lighting set up? vvv

    x2 300w LEDs (combined 268 true watts) each light would cover 18x20 inches
    Temp would be about 75f lights on


    600W HPS (dimmed to 300W)
    Temp would be about 82f lights on

    Pretty sure LEDs will provide better coverage but HPS will ultimately give a better yield. I'm not a noob, but I'm not a pro. Looking for people who have experience with LEDs and HIDs.
  2. with so many LED makers claiming this and that

    I'd still stick with HPS (harry, pete and steve)

    at 100% to shine on my 4x6ft floor space

    do note: hps foot prints are rectangular

    tho a 4x4 ft tent is minimal

    good luck
  3. Tough call...

    But I agree with vostok.

    I wouldn't dim that sodium in flower; just let it crank.

    The leds would veg better I am guessing though.

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