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  1. So i have a plant that I'm growing and it's about one and a half feet tall. I decided to flower it at that size and have had it on 12/12 for about ten days now, but i still cant see any flowers or signs of sex. is this normal?
  2. I am having the same problem here...
  3. Ok Im also on day 9 of flowering, first grow, 9 bagseed, however the males were the first to show and it was real noticeble if you know what to look for. However my girls stilll have ver limited hairs the are really small and the plants new growth sometimes throws me off cause it looks ballish, the hairs will be WHITE you really have to stare sat the plantin between the nodes mine have leaves their, those green female flower looking things but most importantly it has lil white hairs. really really small, Males show first so.
  4. ok, if there were no preflowers, then it was not and is not ready to flower. i would go back to 18 or 24 of light until then. as it is now, it will flower when it is mature enough to do so. start counting your flowering days when you see the first clusters forming.
  5. dude, you dont need to put her back into veg to mature her.
    true mature plants will flower faster.

    it can sometimes take 2 weeks or even a bit more for a slow flowering plant to show her preflowers. patience.

  6. you can flower from seed, and the plant will grow fast and vigorously developing flowers in 3 weeks.

    In this case, there must be a light leak in there somewhere hindering flowering. I have never had it take moe than 10 days to show sex.
  7. You must ensure there are NO light leaks in your grow area to speed flowering/sexing of
    your plants. I've had plants take fifteen days to show sex, so its just a waiting game.
    Be sure to eyeball your plant thoroughly daily for signs of sex. That was on a very slow
    growing/maturing Sativa.

    I've found that going from 24/0 to 18/6 about five days before going 12/12 speeds
    sex time.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  8. 10 days is fine for no sign of sex yet, keep it on 12/12 and give it more time.

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