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  1. Does anyone know at what point a plant will revert back to vegative growth if its already into about week 2 of flowering? Right now my 60cm white skunks are getting 1130 hours of darkness and the small buds seem to still be growing. In one month it will be getting about 1030 of darkness. Is there a "point of no return" with flowering so when they reach a certain point they wont turn back to vegative growth even if the days are really long?

    I know different varieties flower with different light cycles and If I knew where white skunk originated from I might be able to tell how much darkness it needs I found this on some site

    "Varieties from the 3oth latitude grow in an area with a temperate climate and fairly early fall. These plants usually trigger in July or August and are ready to harvest in September or October. Southern African varieties often flower with as little as 8 or 9 hours of darkness/15 to 16 hours of light. Other 3oth latitude varieties including most in- dicas flower when the darkness cycle lasts a minimum of 9 to 10 hours. Jamaican and some Southeast Asian varieties will trigger at 11 hours of darkness and ripen during September or October. Equatorial varieties trigger at 12 hours or more of darkness."

    Anyone know where white labels white skunk might have originated from? I know its a crossbreed so mabey if anyone knows where its parents are from? I just hope white skunk isnt an equatorial variety.

    Thanks alot
  2. :) we had the same problem with out fatherinlaws plants he gave them to us in july about 2-3 weeks into budding....all the hubby did was pinch off every last bud on the plants (as not to mould) then started hitting with the veg juice like our other plants,have a look at the post in outdoor growing called 'just harvested 10 plants' they are the ones we reverted and man you should see these things! they got to be about 7 feet tall !

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