Flowering plants of pizza ! ( leaning towards light )

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GreenThumblue, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Ello everybody, So i've got 4 plants leaning towards the light, of the currently twenty something in my flowering room. I'm at week four and it's definately not because of bud weight. I'll have pics uploaded asap to help with the speculation. So do you guys advise me to tie them to each other or the the surrounding wall ? I wanna make sure I don't damage any roots or the plant itself. Btw i'm using 2x 400W lamps in my flowering room without the use of reflectors.
  2. Oh and I'm doing a SoG grow so single stalks.
  3. Tie them to what ever u want. I usually stick bamboo stakes into the pot and loosely tie the stem to it
  4. @deman81k I would usually do the same but as i'm in flowering I don't want to risk damaging any roots to be honest
  5. It won't hurt them
    I do it all the time, especially during flower as they gain weight and bend over from the huge heavy buds!
  6. thanks a lot @deman81k i've already tied them together and i'll post pics of them tomorrow !

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