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    Hello there GC. I have four ladies that are approximately 3 weeks into flower. There have been some issues lately and I cannot seem to figure them out.
    Here are the details of the grow....yes this is my first time

    Temps: 65-80

    Soil Ph: been working on it; was at first too low now too high; 5ish now close to 7. But most
    recent watering had it at 6.5 or so.

    Vent: Small fan pointed at pots, carbon filter venting outside (175CFM - clears room in about 3 min), and regular box fan to keep air circulating in grow room.

    : usually below 50%, but could spike to 60ish% at night/evening.

    : Just switched from MH to HPS 250 watt.

    Pots/Soil: were .75 gallons, all but one are now in 8.5" x 8.5" x 7.5" using Fox Farm Ocean

    Nutes: Using the FF trio, but have not used them much. Maybe a feeding every two weeks during veg and only once since I have been in flower.

    Stupid thing I did
    : Ph was way too low about 15 days ago and I had leave town for a few days (10). I had rigged up an automated watering system (which no doubt over watered) and added Baking Soda to the reservoir to raise the Ph. I had ordered the Ph adjuster stuff, but it had not arrived yet.

    Looking at the pics, there are some burns on the leaf tips at the top of one of the plants. I think that is heat stress; little girl got too close to the light fixture.

    All the plants seem to show the same issues. The bottom leaves curl, wilt, have spots or big blotches and soon whither and fall off. None of them have turned yellow before falling off.

    I came home Sunday (4 days ago) and placed 3 of 4 in the new pots, and have not watered them at all. I changed from MH to HPS on that day as well. The roots looked good when transferring, but that's not saying much coming from me.

    The leaf tips on many plants, including the edges, tend to curl down. Some of the newer leaves are a bit disfigured on one plant.

    What do you guys think? I thought that with the baking soda there could be a K problem, but I just don't understand why the lower leaves are in such bad shape.





    *I might be posting this in the wrong place or doing something else incorrect so please let me know if I am so that I do not do it again.

    **Thanks to all of you guys/gals! I would not have made it this far without the help of everyone here. Thank you!

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  2. Any comments would really help. Recently some bottom leaves have completely dried up as if they were burned to a crisp. Anyway, please help! Thanks to all
  3. What up bro I'm a fox farm believer myself and over the 7 years I'd say fox farm kiks ass to me it looks like you need to up the feeding schedule it's a phosphor deficiency they're hungry but also check the water ph they sell inexpensive general hydro. Liquid test kits fo like 8 bucks last a long time. My ph stays between 6.5 to 7.0 this is best for this soil since fox farm buffers itself you start giving it out of this range you'll get lock out. Flush then feed to make sure you don't already got lock out I feed every 3 days the fox farm components what nutes do you use?
  4. I read more of your thread watch out with the big bloom it says on the bottle tbsp when it's actually teaspoon the tip burn is from your wacky ph it should go back to normally once you flush also prune whatever doesn't recieve enough light
  5. Thank you good Sir. I do not know very much about the FF soil, but I have read it can be tricky. I just flushed all of them; I had transplanted them during flowering which was not so smart and probably useless...none the less :) If you don't mind me asking how do you feed during flowering? I have the Fox Farm Trio. I have been a bit cautious with the nutes which might explain my problem. Thanks again for your help!!!!
  6. He all you need is some superthrive.. Mix it with the nutrients your already using and make sure the plant isn't rootballed.. You don't need fox farm dirt or any of the shit there saying. Rite now I using miracle grow dirt,super thrive and general Hydrponics. Also a homebox 400 hps. And I'm doing great don't waste your money on the " name brands" when you can get the same results with regular stuff..
  7. @wild weed man no prob just start with a1/4 of the nutes once per week if the first week no problem or no burn bump it to half (1 tsp) if they look a little pale yellow at new growth feed more when they turn a rich dark green that's when they're feed properly never go above the label dosage if you get burn just stick with the dosage that kept em happy all strains eat different and require certain grow methods do some strain research. Even in soil I suggest checking ph in h20 very crucial plants in soil can tolerate a wide ph of 5-8 but keep it at 6.5 -7 they feed best
  8. @707 I'm glad miracle grow works so does mudd + I find fox farm to be just as affordable and better in quality the reason you don't have to use nutes is cuz there is osmocote which is a slow released ferts which on turn mean you have no idea what is being fed to the plants and at what time so you suffer in yield don't get me wrong you'll get good looking buds but in quality you not getting full potential I would go super soil from your local hardware/ garden store if your really on a budget use soil that only feeds for a month then apply all the minerals I spent a total of 65 bucks on nutes from fox farm cal mag myco fungi and it's been 1 year and I still have half bottle do real research if your a true cannabis connoisseur and you'll find that your ladies will in turn love you more good luck
  9. Super thrive is the key to everything lol...

    Use it one time for clones, one time for transplant, and one time for nute change. Anytime a plant is dis-colored or looks stressed, or droops from too much or not enough water I always hit it with super thrive. It keeps em healthy as fuck best product on the market no doubt
  10. Thank you guys! I just got my SUPERthrive in today (Amazon is the shiiizzzit)...I will let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for the help/advice!
  11. And as far as dirt...non fertilized dirt pre-mixed with perlite is all you need. You can even mix it yourself and save some money.

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