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  1. Just wanted to show off my 3 plants that I have flowering in my 2x2x5.5' tent under a 450w viparspectra led. This is the first cycle that I have done in almost 6 years, and my first with a led light. Currently its with a 4" inline fan and filter with 2 6" circulation fans. They are in 2G(11L) fabric pots with Mokoko coco mixed with 20% perlite. Using Mokoko bloom Nutes with organic guano supplement. Will also be adding cal-mag and bud candy, b-52 from advanced nutes starting on day 14 of flower (currently on day 10 of flower and 2 are already starting to show the buds starting. The 2 darker plants on the left are Mendo Breath. And the Lighter green on the right is Purple kush. Hoping to pull 1/4 LB after curing. Then im planning on getting more gear and running a perpetual harvest. Lets see everyones plants in flower and your perpetual grows!! Any advice is appreciated aswell. 20190901_143244.jpg 20190901_143258.jpg 20190901_143246.jpg 20190826_153333.jpg
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