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  1. I'm on day 20 of flowering and I have 3 ladies out of 7 plants that I selected out of a group of 27. The rest have been destroyed, so now I'm in the home stretch. Here is a pic of one that was sharing 120w (26 actual watts) of CFL with 3 other plants during veg. It's currently under it's own set of CFL at 160w.

    For those of you that think actual energy consumption = light output (it doesn't), I'm using 37w of energy consumption. Later this week I'll be adding 2x 300w equivalents or 130w of actual energy usage.

    The pot is less than 1 gallon and I was previously doing LST, but didn't like the results because this is my first grow and I'm sure I wasn't doing it right. So I removed the hooks and it is in the process of straightening out.

    It's growing about 1+ inches per day for the last week or so since I started trimming off the fan leaves, which is why it may look like it's stretching, but it's not. I wanted to get light to the lower leaves, so I trimmed all the leaves except for the top two sets. I'm trying to keep it small but if growth continues as it does for the next 5 weeks, it'll be almost 4ft tall or more.

    I'm getting a better camera in a couple of weeks, so the next set of pics will be much better.

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  2. those are flowering?

    energy consumption = light output (it doesn't), I'm using 37w of energy consumption.

    have fun yielding that couple grams if you even hit that.

    You simply need more light, I know you think you got it but you will change your tune come harvest day. also you need bigger pots. why prune, why take off the plants solar panels?
  3. Man o man you have alot to learn my friend.
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    I remember my first beer.

    Whenever I look at light I look for the correct spectrum then I look at lumen output and I try to average about 10,000 - 12500 per plant. If you can find a way to give that much and use less energy I would be more than willing to switch
  5. Actually it just started showing. Didn't start showing sex until day 18, so 2 days ago. You can't see it with my crappy phone cam, but the pistils are pretty long. I'll guaranteed hit more than a couple of grams.

    I think some of you know it alls have a lot to learn. Just because you do it one way doesn't mean it can't be done another way. This is my first grow so I figured I'd experiment on this grow and go all out on my next grow. I'll keep you updated so you can all see how wrong you are.
  6. Yeah, I already said I'm adding more light. Thanks for stating the obvious. As far as bigger pots, I have them, but I don't want to use them for this grow. I'm keeping it small for a reason.
  7. here is the thing if you click to my grow you see results, huge quality buds that get me ripped. I clicked on your grow and all I saw was an over crowded grow with a bunch of spindly weak stalked shit plants. I never claimed to be a pro, just tried to give you solid advise. then you turn around and talk shit like you are a pro. well I was being nice before but now sence you took the gloves off, here is the truth. Your plants look like shit my dryed stems are thicker than your stalks and you have no clue what your are talking about when it comes to lighting. don't want good advise that is fine but don't talk shit to people who have grows that make your shit look like the garbage it is.
  8. good start
  9. I agree. I see a lot that is wrong with your set up, and things you have done incorrectly. You post pictures on a public forum asking for advice and then get mad when people start critiquing your work.

    You know those fan leaves, the ones you butchered, those should have stayed on.

    You say this is your first grow? How much could you possibly know? I can look up online for weeks on how to fly a plane but until i get in the cockpit and start flying I dont know shit. If the guy next to me who has logged thousands of hours is telling me im doing something wrong, im gunna listen lol

    Obviously the people who have done numerous grows, who have experimented are going to know more than you.

    We've been down that experimenting road lol

    I think you need to be a little more open towards peoples opinions, especially on a public internet forum lol And chill out when you dont hear what u wanna hear.

    My plants are at day 32 of veg and look wayyyy bigger than that. Obviously something your doing isnt working too well.

    My guess is MAYBE 7g dry if you do things perfectly from here out...

  10. told you. Ready to act like an adult yet? I am still willing to help.
  11. hadda look, man i had to look.
  12. Wow...i have 2 week clones larger than those. 7 feet tall??? Really??? In 1 gallon pots...hmmmm. I guess im walking around with a 20 inch cock too....I know constructive critisizm is hard to take. But if you are willing to listen, we will help guide you down the correct path.
  13. Best thing u can do is listen to all of us and until u have a few solid grows under ur belt don't throw out advise that is no good!!
    You came talking and we responded that's all and were trying to let u know that something is going wrong with what your doing so take in every bit of info u get and use it!!!
    Them plants at 20 days lol come on man they should b twice as big and what I ment by u have alot to learn is you never chop them leaves off like that your plant needs them expecially yours being so small you only thin your canopy when you have a big bush and it starts crowding your room or if it's so thick that light can't get in to the lower branches.
    Were not here to rip on u trust me u just came on a little strong and u have no clue yet so like I said above take in all the advise u get!!
    Good luck and don't b afraid to ask us questions
  14. dante, read a grow book....you're going to yield like an eighth with that setup
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    check his other light vs nutes thread, might get a lil more than an 8er

    edit, wait, what happened to the 480w cfl n all?

  16. 6 weeks flowering...Here's what they SHOULD look like.

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  17. I know right you want to see every body successed but they refuse help, what can I do?
  18. :rolleyes:"hope and pray"
  19. I know right? I want to se him/her get back on and own up and get their shit up to par like they deserive. (SP) sorry kinda high and drunk. Come on OP jump back in here. We want to help your grow.
  20. he never came back....... :(

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