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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by smokedawg, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I have a GH's Lemon Skunk & a C99 Hybrid I'm growing outdoor in the souther US. One started flowering a month ago with thick nasty growing buds now & the other just started showing good flowers. My question is : Why did one start flowering so much earlier then the other. I figured both would start at same time just finish different according to their flowering time. Both are SUPER healthy & I used same nutes on both(General Organics full line/Botanicare Sweet Citrus/DryBar & Cave Guano). Thanks for any help!:smoke:
  2. I grew lemon skunk a few yrs back smokedawg and youre right on the track buddy. Lemon skunk is a very good example of a strain that has been grown and bred indoors to the point that one of the pheno's has actually acclimated to 12/12.

    Normally,cannabis hybrids that contain indica, flower at about 14.5 hrs or so. And the one pheno of Lemon skunk follows that rule, but the other pheno is acclimated to indoor lighting and wont flower until daylength comes much closer to 12/12.

    Its a slow bitch too, (the 12/12 pheno). The other pheno will be done 4 weeks before the slower one.

    The good news is that lemon skunk is very potent and a very nice strain, but to grow it outdoors one needs to use clones of the good pheno or grow it indoors and then it wont matter.
  3. Thanx' Clodhopper!:smoke:

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