Flowering or a male?

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  1. Hi all! Well here is what is happening. I am doing my first grow, and I started the seeds indoors. When I felt they were ready for the real world (just about 2 weeks in), I planted them outside. This lasted all but 10 minutes, because I came back 10 minutes later and some blasted animal dug it up (only two of them) and ate about 90% of their roots. Fortunately, to my suprise, the plants survived.
    I know that one is Northern Lights and the other is Top 44, which is which, I am uncertain.
    I hear that Top 44 gets its name, because it can be harvested after just 44 days. Where I live the days are still about 14 hours or so, so there is no reason for it to begin budding. But for some reason it looks like one of them is budding, just one, even thought they are but 2 feet from each other. There is also the possibility that it is a male, so this is urgent. I have been checking out pictures and I can't tell whether it is budding because of the month and a half, or if it is a male. Also, they are about 1 1/2 months old, and 5 ft. tall or so. Please help... Here are the pictures.

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  2. number 2

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  3. sry, but look like males to me..
  4. I'm no expert, but i see males too.
  5. looks lika boy
  6. hey thanks, hash it is

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