Flowering only 17 Day veg test

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  1. This is my first grow its only been 18 days 17 days veg 1 day flowering so I been testing alot of things with bag seeds I have 5 growing 3 outside 2 inside the ones outside I gaveup on they have to survive on there own but my two inside are doing great i don't have a Ph meter I thank its fun this way I did order one but my methods are working well I use BlackMagic professional potting soil it has a Ph balance in it all I do is flush water through it every 2nd watering and every 3rd I give it watered down superthrive..... they are doing great over the first flowering night one of the plants started turning real light green in the middle and the other got these red dots in the middle of the leafs it look nice so here are some pics of them comment let me know what u thank.......


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