Flowering on its own!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by regis-philbin, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Help! My plant went into flowering on its own!!!! They have been under 24/0 and they are showing strong signs of female sex (bought female clones) [​IMG] there are a bunch of pistils all over all three of them. That picture does no justice.

    How could this be!? Would I be wish to switch them over to 12/12?

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  2. Early signs of gender, called fre-flowers are normal in older plants.
    My last grow started showing signs after about 3 months of veg time
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  3. Just pre flowers my dude. She is maturing and getting ready for flower soon. If they are the size you want and your ready, shes ready.

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  4. ya you are not flowering the plant is just showing that it's ready to begin flowering at any time.
  5. Keep vegging her. The mistake or sometimes space dependant is as soon as guys see sex the switch to flower mode.

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  6. I tend to agree, the only thing this shows is the plant is mature enough to start flowering.

    there is no limit on veg time though so make sure to veg to around 50% of your goal size.
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