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  1. First time grower:
    Was wondering what kind of nutrients I should be giving my budding beauties? The only thing I have been giving them is Miracle Grow (apparently not the best) and they have thrived wonderfully on this (for flowers, vegetables and indoor/outdoor plants), so my question is should I keep using what I am using with or without added muted, or something else and if I should be using something else then what?
    Plants are on their 1st week of budding others have been budding for al 20170824_180136.jpg 20170824_180158.jpg 20170824_180136.jpg 20170824_180158.jpg 20170824_180136.jpg 20170824_180158.jpg 20170824_180323.jpg 20170824_180244.jpg 20170824_180516.jpg most 2 weeks while others are just beginning to bud today 20170824_180136.jpg

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  2. If you're using miracle grow I'm assuming you would want to go cheap. With that said I recommend dr earths bloom formula. Just top dress a heavy layer and water in and you'll be good to go. You can get it at lowes, Home Depot, etc.
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  3. Add backstrapped Molasses, 10ml per gallon of water, once per week..Cheap and wonderful stuff..Feeds the soil..:)
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  4. So I got Miracle Crow's Ultra bloom, it's a 15-30-15 blend among other nutrients, also I grabbed some soil to top dress it! I'm assuming that you meant to put a layer of fresh soil on top and water it with the blooming nutrients, is this correct?
  5. Well I would have no idea what to do with that chemical fetilizer or know what to tell you. It's probably a chemical powder I'm assuming, not a dry organic fertilizer like what was recommended. That stuff you bought is probably immediately available to plants to uptake instead of breaking down naturally over time and releasing the goodness slowly. That would not be good to top dress with I'm sure. You'll probably burn them. If you spread a low npk dry organic fertilizer over the surface of the soil it will not burn your plant at all and you end up with a better quality and tasting product. No need to cover with extra soil. Just spread on top and water in, or add a mulch if you feel like it.
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  6. Has anyone ever grown Critical 47?? If so any tips?
  7. Stop using the 15-30-15. Too much N bro. Take it back and get you some earth juice bloom or some bat guano mix. I'm using earth juice bloom and earth juice rainbow mix as a top dress. Look for 0-5-5 0-3-1 the Zero in the first number is important. You want it significantly lower than the p-k. Plants looking nice by the way.

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