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  1. this is my 4th plant. im growing a blue dream plant in a computer that i LSTd the shit out. i used Soil AB nutes EVERY WATERING during 3 month veg (every other watering left deficiency in N and P) as well as half strength alaska bloom 0-10-10 last 2 weeks of veg (feeding EVERY watering) because my girl would suck up ridiculous amounts of nutes and the Soil AB alone would leave P deficiency in teh leaves. I have been feeding full strength alaska nutes EVERY watering since day 1 of flowering (directions call for 1tsp per quart = 4 tsp per gallon for indoor plants) and i just hit the 3 week mark of flowering. i also was including some soil AB nutes for N during the stretch phase and boy did she stretch! Last night i watered with a batch of ONLY 0-10-10 nutes with 5tsp per gallon (an extra tsp) and i was wondering what a good gradual increase in nutes would be as i get farther into flowering since im already above specifications. my plant has great tolerance of the feeding and demands a lot of it haha but i dont want to be too aggressive while also not holding the plant back from its potential.

    any advice from fellow 0-10-10 users would be appreciated!

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