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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sam2020, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Hi

    I have heard conficting versions of how long flowering takes for NL can anyone give me a realistic time for this

    I have 4 and they have been on 12/12 for about 45 days now and they're flowering but nowhere near reeady

    how much longer????
    ps they're about 7feet tall and still growing !!!!

  2. Well are they getting light poison?

    Im guessing 8 weeks is about normal, no longer than 10 for sure.
  3. they seem ok, just trimmed a lot of big leaves off a couple of nites ago to let more light down to the lower branches due to the height

    am using a 400w hps and 4 2 ft fluros around the bottom

    typical females you never know what theyre going to do! LOL

    maybe the sulking because I called them bitches for not ging faster :) will have to sweet talk them

  4. Try cutting your light cycle down to 10/on-14/off, kinda helps em to ripen up quicker. BTW have you checked the color of your trichomes????
  5. whats a trichome thingy??

    will try put the light cycle down a bit and see if that speeds them up a bit


  6. how far away do you have the light?

    check the ph of your soil

    check the temp...........and have you been giving it a good flowering fert like 15-50-15?.............Peace out.........Sid

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