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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NaughtyDread, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. need some help from the experts, my clone, which is supposed to be my mother and future for all strains propagated, is flowering. :( she's a nice healthy color, and shes been pruned 1 time. ive kept on 24hrs a light, more out of necessity than a desire to want to. i have her in my care and she wants to flower on me!

    what can be the causes? she has not recently been stressed, and we have no hermie flowers. i have the lights at 18-6 now, but i dont think its going to help. she has been showing for about 2 weeks now, what do i do? i still want to use her to pull my clones, but this now means, ill have to fully go back to veg on those clones that have flowers, and that takes FOREVER!

    when i find my digi, ill get a picture of her :)
  2. oh yeah, this wouldnt have anything to do with the fact that shes over 6 mos old would it?
  3. what strain is it?.....soem flower when they are ready to , weather you like it or not.........Peace out.......Sid
  4. not quite sure of the strain, i do know its sativa dom. the same one ive been growing and prize so much. maybe she's just one of those ones that will show flowers no matter what, oh well. ill keep an eye on her, i have pink stigmas also. does that mean anything?

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  5. and all together now :)

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  6. HIGH All, your girls just want to make you happy NaughtyDread...yes back to veg and the wait are sometimes are worth it.
  7. yeah i know, and she's been so good to me sticking around all these months, whatever stress that put her to flower seems to have been addressed. looks as if new leafs are starting to form. ill be repotting her back in her one gallon, trimming the roots and give her a serious haircut in about a week after my soil breaksdown a lil.
  8. i have had a few "auto flower" plants of late and a misshap with my other more stable mothers has ment i have had to do a lot of playing around with reveging and cloning flowering and preflowering females.
    as i grow a prepetual harvest i had fems at all stages of flower.
    the thing i found is aslong as the plant isnt to far into flower you can keep it growing like it was in veg, take clones the same get new growth the same but the plant is allways in preflower.
    when its put into flower it flowers very quick.
    yeald is down by about a third or more.
    if too far into flower then forget it. my auto flowering plant was impossable to get to reveg soon as it started budding up.
    IMHO i wud start planting seeds now to get a new good mother. take a few clones if u can get them to root. flower the lot and that will give u something to smoke while your waiting for seeds to grow.
  9. the 1st of my 20 seeds broke ground today :)

  10. what ya got on the go/grow?.........Peace out.......Sid
  11. Naughty.....that little plant is 6 months old???

    How the hell did you keep it so tiny?

  12. lol :) remember a while back (and it was months ago) i had asked how could i keep this clone, which i chose to be the mother? well, its her! i basically upgraded from the quart pot to the gallon. i cut 5 good shoots off of her rendering her a funny looking thing. after that, i just kept prunning and tying down. i also kept her at 24-0 for over a month. ive nuted her twice with some mg, 30-10-10 and one other time of 10-60-10. i flushed her once also and just checked her pH last nite. shes holding some acids shes at 6.0-6.3. but appears to be doing good. i always thought this strain was a little more acid loving then my indica. its one hardy strain. the seeds should do you well :) so as far as keeping her small, because she did have to transported was obtained. in my clone gro log, there is a perfect picture of her from 11-24-03 its on page 4. i took that cutting from the mother sativa sometime in early august. she was the one that i didnt put into flower. :)
  13. no i couldnt do it, i like the strain too much to give it up. i will prolly gro into for the next year or so, atleast try to perfect it as much as possible from earlier grows. i am quite anxious to compare its results from the chemical gro (which was still impressive, atleast the first one lol) to the organic gro i will attempt. if my organic goes extremely well, then i will clone from the organic and see what i can do from there. but for now, ive taken 2 cuttings from her, and shes back under the lights.
  14. Dread its from cutting the plant back. for some reason it put the plant into flower i timed one of my moms and it went into flower. Switching to 24/7 would have fixed it but i had clones going so i just flowered it. I got a joke of a harvest off 3 small ass colas being all rootbound and all in 1.8L pots, i got about 3g with a 42w cfl. Anyways go 24/7 and dont cut back so much next time.
  15. so from the original cut, it flowered? it took almost a month to throw those flowers. and it was flowering as if i put it into flowering. so the cut stressed it? so if so, how long did the stress have to occur to make it throw flowers? during the whole time period it was vegn under 24/7 there were no indications of it being stressed. interesting stuff though.

    but at this time it does appear to be going back to veg. new leaf is growing, stigmas have stopped.

  16. big bud from nirvana
    amsterdam flame from paradise seeds.
    i want a good mother from the af.
    the big bud is just to fill out the 1st grow and if i dont catch a male fast enough maybe give some interesting seeds.
    20 seeds was a typo. its ten seeds, 2 strains.
    i normaly plant 20. growroom is being rebuilt so only running at 1/2 wack.
    i blame the white widow.
    my 2nd planting to give me my 2nd strain mother will b in 4 weeks.

  17. so many strains
    so little time...
  18. so, true, so true

  19. what light the rest of the time?

    satvias will hermi or auto flower if you mess with the light.
    IMHO i dont think they like 24/0 either.
    ther natrual lighting is something like 13/11 11/13 and no dark at all will mess with there minds.
  20. in between 18-6 has been my other scheadule. i agree with you about sativas acting funny under 24-0, or atleast my strain of sativa. ive argued 24-0 is a waste of time when it comes to vegn, but some people swear by it. i for one have never noticed anything special with a 24-0 grow, tight internode spacing, but thats desired. part of the reason why i kept this plant on that light regime, because i knew i would have small fans and would not grow very much, i needed to keep her small. i havent tried with other strains, but i believe their may be different results with different amounts of light given. i will prolly experiment after i get her repotted in the organic mix.

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