Flowering lights during veg

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  1. Hey guys i dont have too many veg lights but i have alot of flowering lights. I use cfl, so i was wondering how much of a difference would it make if i added some flowering lights around my veg lights for extra light because i broke my big veg light so i have to use smaller cfl's now for veg.
  2. Well I know that any cfl light is going to help you and that there's chlorophyll a and b, one liking the veg light one liking the flower light.but they're both present at all times so... I've also heard that the redder end of the spectrum can make them stretch
  3. Thank you for your reply bra. The whole color temp thing can get a little confusing. Peace
  4. your vegetating color temps range between 4-7k.... flowering 2-3k. It will be fine whatever color temps you have in there for veg..... by the way for your information studies have shown that blue light, more N than K, and cooler temperatures result in more females with regular (non-feminized) seeds. So if you're using red lamps just keep the K nutrient and temperature levels down. Or buy a 70w blue CFL for 15$ and call it goo.
  5. Thank you for your detailed help man. I'll have to remember this. Peace
  6. Source of these studies? MJ gender is genetically pre-determined.
  7. toastybiz,

    got it from ''marijuana cultivation'' by ditchfield. I have also observed higher ratio's of males to females, by germinating around 150 bagseed, and growing them in four different cycles. The cycle with the most males received a combination of blue and red t-5 bulbs, and more K than N I'm pretty sure.

    it's pre-determined but you can influence it through environmental conditions before the plant reaches sexual maturity at 8-10 weeks. It would really take a simple experiment to test it, just keep regular seeds under red light, 85-90 degrees, and feeding them more K than N for 8-10 weeks.
  8. I know that when you flower under blue light, it's easier to return the plant to a veg state. I tried sexing under the red light and now I'm having problems returning the plant back to a veg state.

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