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  1. Hi again. Remember me? I'm the one whose plants are taking forever for the buds to get big. Its been two months now and the buddies are about 3/4 (the top ones) of an inch but they are looking very crystallized. :)

    Anyways, I read on a different website that you should use a 12/12 hour light cycle until the pistils show and than switch to 8-10 hours of light. This will supposedly cause the buds to rapidly grow. Do you agree or disagree with this?

  2. 12 on 12 off is the best for flowering, before u went to flowering what light cycle were u running 18/6 20/4 24/0? hope this helps is it still snowing up there?
  3. Are you sure you have a female?
  4. Well I will disagree in whole,,,12/12 is most widely used by most growers,,some will go 11/13 as an effort to speed maturity of the buds,,which it does. I personally use 12/12 since I want to use all available hours for flower production..(less light-less growth)..and let the buds mature normally....

  5. Thanks everyone. Sounds like I'll be putting them back on 12/12. Yes, they are definitely females and I had them on 20/4 before flowering. I think they are so slow in budding because I stressed them out a bit by pruning during the flowering stage. I know now that is wrong. :( I also may need more light, two 400W probably isn't enough.

    Funny you should mention snow storm, it was +22C yesterday, beautiful day. I get up this morning and there is about 3 inches of snow on my patio. Welcome to Canada!!

  6. i grow under only one 400w and it seems to be more than sufficent....yep only in canada can they forecast snow into the first week of may, good luck on the grow enjoy the snow sorry couldn't resist i hate the stuff personally
  7. I'll bet stress is going to be the main factor here,,untimely pruning,broken light cycles,etc, 2 400w is enough for a 6'x 6' space,,if the space is smaller,,the better,,more intensity for the plants...I sure hope they come around,and swell up for ya......happy growing

  8. The space I have is fairly big. Its about 8x8x16. I have the plants huddled around the 2 bulbs. I do have another question though, what's the best way to prevent so many leaves from dieing at the bottom of the plant? This was why I started pruning the sun leaves, to get more light downward.

    Just use a fan blowing at the top of the pot? Will the cool air affect the plants at all?


  9. Lower leaves get less light,,while flowering,, the plant will begin to use up the food from the fan leaves,,then cut off its resources naturally..pick these off as they yellow ,and it will allow more light through to the lower branches...but try not to clip them until they yellow..

    If possible I would suggest somehow walling that area off to make it smaller,,so that as much of the light intensity as possible hits the plants...hang mylar drape or something,,,I,m not exactly sure of your scenario..

    Blowing a fan between the bulb and plant will help from overheating the tops of the plant,,and allow the bulb to be closer for more intensity...blowing at the top of the pot may dry soil and lower vegetation to quickly...


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