Flowering in under 50 days???? Stumped...

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  1. Ive been growing for a little over a year and have 4 grows under my belt. All have been under a 400w HPS using fox farm soils ranging from 1 to 3 gallon containers. Grows have been from seed. I recently aquired a couple small clones one being nirvana aurora indica and ther other being a white rhino. The grower i got them from told me 40 to 45 days flower time for both of them or they start to lose potency??? I was under the impression that no marijuana was 100percent ripe and ready to harvest before 50days; is this not true? Both strains have a 7 to 9 week harvest time when i look up the seeds, and i brought that up to the grower. He said that if you use 11.5 hours of light to flower and because they are coming from clones that they finish quicker. Is this true? or has this grower just been harvesting early? I would think more like 55 to 60 days to finish like most other faster flowering strains. Any suggestions and/or thoughts on this will be appreciated.
  2. Just go by the color of the trichs not the calendar and you'll be fine.
  3. I always just watch the crystals (forgot the techincal name, someone help here). I watch them closely when things get close to term and keep an eye out for when they start to turn amber. As soon as I see color I give a final watering with no nutrients and then havest once they go dry. Clones always can bring a little funk to the table though. Every time a plant is cloned the genetics change a little bit so you can run into some oddities once you are 3 or more generations down the line. I'm no pro or anything but this is just what I have read on the subject.
  4. yeah, i usually just waint until like 80-90percent of the hairs turn brown but i really do need to get a magnifying scope or whatever to check the trichs. What is the thing i need to look at the trichs called, and where would the easiest and cheapest place to get one be? I wouldn't think that would be something that only the grow store had, or that that grow store would have them at all, haha. Im sure only one type of grower need those. :)
  5. A cheap ebay Jewlers lens would probably work great. I have a ghetto $3.99 magnifying glass that i use lol:confused_2:
  6. not strong enough - you need a pocket microscope - a Lumagny one on ebay is like $20

    you cannot tell when your plants are ready without one :smoking:
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  8. get the 30X

    40X is too strong and you 'll have problems keeping it still and focussing
  9. Thanks for the advice, i'll have to dig around and pick one of those lil guys up
  10. Radio Shack pocket microscope, $10-$12.
  11. anything that is 30x to 60x is sufficient...........

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