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  1. so I've been in vegetation for nearly a month and things are pretty good. this is my first go around and i have the creatures in one gallon smart pots. roughly they are about a foot and a few inches. i will be putting 4 into flower and leaving the other four in veg, transplanting them into bigger pots. now what im concerned about is when i do put the four in flower, will they hold up fine in the one gal smart pot? if so what can i expect yield wise? the roots are poking out of the bottom of the smart pots right now and this kinda concerns me but i don't want to transplant and wait for them to situate. i'd rather flower in the one gallons. I'll be using two 400w hps along with a 400w led and house and garden nutrients with the four that will be in flower. again this is my first rodeo so i don't necessarily want the plants to get too big but i don't wanna hurt them or their roots. any advice is greatly appreciated.-jr
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  2. They need to be transplanted bro. No if ands or buts about it.Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Don't understand what the big deal of transplanting them is. They will get situated just fine. Takes about 30 seconds to do.
    Move them to 3 Gallons minimum.
    yep they will be good to go.
  5. Transplant!... your growth will be stuned into flowering and so will your yield, you'll be watering them every day, i'd stransplant them into 3 or 5 gallon pots at least before flowering, also i'd give them a little longer to settle in before you switch.
  6. Speaking from recent exp...
    I planted a round in 1 gal smarts back in Nov. (moved the ones I wanted to 5gal a few weeks later) the rest they were just fine up until I gave em away the other day... though they were taking 500ML twice a day for the last month or more... and would drink more and more often in flower...
    you can get flowers from 1 gal pot but you would want to focus growth to 1-4 stems total... or you gonna get popcorn only
    Oh and by the way the roots coming out of the bottom of those mesh pots... NOT a problem
    I use ball jar "rings" to keep the bottoms of the pots elevated so that way I don't have roots poking out the bottom when I want to transplant. and let em dry for a day before you transplant them they slide right out!
  7. you could get away with it in coco but not soil..they recommend a gallon for every foot so 3 gal for 3 ft
  8. I'll be scoopin up some 3 or 3 and a half gal pots today then. Thanks everyone. transplant them, and probably let them chill in veg for about another week then switch the lights.
  9. Btw secondly
    Absolutely gorgeous plants

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