Flowering in 18/6 problems

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  1. I'm having a situation with my mother plant producing some rather large pre flowers. It looks as though it is in beginning 12/12 phase, but its not. Been at 18/6 since seed. This plant is rather large. I just transplanted it up to a 5 gallon bucket because I'm just going to place it in the flower room next week. I would like to know why this plant has so many flowers while still being in veg, and if it would be safe to go ahead and flower it without fear of it becoming a hermie. I'm beginning to think that the heavy pre flower situation happened because it was root bound before I transplanted. Could be wrong. Anybody else have any experience with this? I included a pic taken from my phone.

    Light: hps 18/6
    Medium: promix
    Nutes: FF Grow Big FF Big Bloom @ half strength

  2. Duh, forgot to add strain.

    It is Female Seeds C99
  3. if you havent been on 12/12 and theres that much bud formation Then it has to be an autoflower. Or you think your light is on 18/6 but your timer is fucked up.
  4. Timer is definitely working fine. I'm on top of that. This isn't the only plant in there either. Auto flower? Hmmm... I doubt that because the plant in question is about 2 months old. I don't have any experience with auto flowering plants, but it seems like if it was that, it should have flowered sooner. I took a few cuts from it and will just go ahead and flower the monster to see what happens. The situation is definitely a first for me. On top of the cuts I just took a few days ago, I have some in my flower tray that about 3 weeks in 12/12. So far they appear to be normal. I'm excited to see what true flower production will be on the huge mother when it is put into 12/12. It's got a pretty even canopy with about 50 top bud sites.

  5. I am having a similar issue.

    I have 4 mothers under 24/0. One of them has just started showing pistils. It is a 4 month old clone of an awesome producing Blue Widow that I grew from seed. I went to take clone cuttings tonight and she looks like she is going into flower.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated as I would really hate to loose this straing. It is the best I have grown.
  6. LOL I feel ya, everyone says this that and the other, but....I had a OG Kush with some big Bangs on a 20/4 light cycle. After 12 weeks of veg the OG Kush started flowering. I think some times the plant just says I'm ready to reproduce and flowers. I ended up flipping the lights to 12/12 couldn't have the kush in flower and not the big bangs as well. I still to this day wonder would the kush have finished under 20/4 or would it have went back into veg at some point.

    Point is I know a photo can start to flower under a 20/4 light cyc.
  7. if a photoperiod plant starts flowering without 12/12 you had to stress her really bad as for pistils showing in veg it means they are mature and ready for flower
  8. Any suggestions on how to maintain her as a viable mother?
  9. Anyone have suggestions?
  10. my only suggestion would be to keep a smaller plant of it in veg (if you have one) and put that mother in your flowering room! (after a thorough inspection to make sure there arent any nanners, of course)
  11. I just have one mother of that strain. I would verry much like to kep her.
  12. you can try to give her a generous amount of nitrogen, it can sometimes put flowering plants back into veg.

    you can go the PGR route but im not going to get into that for the well being of your (and everyone who smokes your shit's) health.

  13. Thank you for your reply.

    I'll try a nitrogen bump and see how it plays. I had to google PGR to figure out what you were refering to. I haven't read much so far but it sounds like something to be avoided on a plant that is to be consumed in any manner. I wonder if it would ba a safe route to go to sustain a mother and the parctice was not continued on the clones?

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