Flowering How Long Til The Buds Will Be Ready

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by twinnybhoy, Jun 15, 2013.

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    My plants been on 12/12 cycle for about 3 weeks there are loads of white hairs everywhere.this is the first time av grew a plant so im not really sure wat il get off it? When will the buds be ready? How long does it normally take for them to be ready ?
  2. Impossible to tell with out pics, strain info, lighting info, etc.   Some strains will flower in 8 weeks, others 16 weeks +.    Crappy lighting will prolong things, as will stress or poor growing conditions.   Without pics or details, impossible to say. 
  3. Heres a coupe pictures of my plant. Does it look healthy. A dont know what kind it is because my friend got giving the seeds.is there any way i could find out the kind 2013-06-15 15.10.54.jpg 2013-06-12 22.02.49.jpg 2013-06-15 15.08.06.jpg
  4. Impossible to tell what strain it is if you don't know off the bat.  Also, what kind of lights are you using?   It looks like you have Halogen flood lights on the plant, which are completely useless.  
  5. They cant be that useless as iv used them n my plant has done fine from seedling. There only 60watt bulbs im using but iv got 4 diffrerent lamps in ma cupboard
  6. Another 6 week's at least. Usually takes about 7-10 days from the flip to 12/12 before the plant really gets into flower and then that's when I start counting actual weeks of flower.
    Doesn't look bad for what you're working with.
  7. ^ word......some of my sativas take 14 days to start to crown.

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