Flowering......How am I doing?!

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  1. Hey blades! I'm coming down to the end of my second week of flowering. I just started my girls on some nutes to hopefully get some fatty buds :) I just wanted to post some pics to get some feedback about how it's looking.

    How much longer should I expect until I start to see buds?

    They havn't done much in the past two days or so, but they dont seem unhealthy. Maybe there is some nutrient lockout goin on, or maybe I'm just impatient.

    Thanks blades :)

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  2. Bump bump bump :) A lil help guys??
  3. Two more weeks perhaps, dont get all excited and chop early though the last two weeks things really start filling in, Good luck
  4. Shouldnt be to much longer buddy
  5. What kind is it? Some slower than others.
  6. I have one ice and one white widow. Im in no rush :) Just cant wait to finally harvest and learn to cure it, should be fun!
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    4 week flowering period? I only have a few grows behind me but white widow is at least 60 days?

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