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    Ok I forgot when i started flowering, had to be atleast a 4 weeks ago. But I allways here to chop em when there 80% Orange hairs, but mine are like 95% Red/OJ hairs but is still growin bud and crystals so my question is should I harvest or let the buds keep growing? Plus the fan leaves are still pretty healthy other then a few Ph/Iguana Attacks.

    Keep flowering?
  2. Next time write it down!

    That may be what you heard but it's not true. Don't go by the color of the pistils, you much check the trichs under magnification to know accurately when to harvest.
  3. Yeah I didn't write it down because I really didn't expect them to get this fare due to a shitload of issues... But I sure will for future grows.

    And how do I know by looking at the trich's? Sorry its my first grow :(

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