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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by YoungStunna, Sep 18, 2009.

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    I'm flowering two female plants that are looking good so far for my first legal grow but seem to be budding a little slow.

    Im wondering when I trim the large fan leaves so the light can reach the buds better?

    Also anyone have any ideas what to do about little flys that live in the soil? I cant seem to get rid of them (I dont think there causing harm but there annoying)


    Anyone have any advice please let me know!
  2. There coming any second... taking them now
  3. Posted up some pictures after a watering... tried to get rid of some of the flies that way.
  4. To help get rid of the flys you could set up a little trap using vinegar and crisco in a bowl so they will fly in and get stuck, as for trimming fan leaves you can do that whenever, usually once the plant starts flowering rapidly the bigger leaves will yellow and fall off anyway, so i would go for it whenever you feel the time is right. And if there just little flys in the soil shouldn't have any harm unless there the white flys, they can lay eggs and shit(that's no fun)
  5. Thanks for the advice.

    You recommend trimming just where it meets the main stem?

    It seems like the've been in the same stage of flowering for the past 2 weeks? Any advice on speeding it up? I added more lights already.
  6. Back in my old vegetable gardening days I used a piece of plywood and sprayed canary yellow paint on it until it was running (not Krylon =) Damn Im getting old!) and it attracted the white flies and they stuck in the paint and died.

    I know this isnt the best method for indoor grows but I think they now make bright yellow peel away pads just for white flies and other pests attracted to bloom colors.
  7. Do you know what one of these might yield?

    Shud I continue with flowering or switch it back and veg more?

    Right now I've got both types of lights to promote some veg growth even though its on 12/12
  8. Looking for any input I can get this is my first grow!
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    Those guys don't look old enough to shave..(little humour)

    I've been using those sticky mouse trap thingys....their pickin up what few bugs are in the vicinity...kinda shiny under a light, attracts them I guess.

    I got this quote from another place since its kinda hard to get the real pros here involved...

  10. Ok I wont trim anything yet off them. Any idea what something this size might yield?

  11. Well like someone said above using some bloom nutes will bulken up your buds a lot I would keep them in flowering sometimes it starts off slow but just wait and feed em good and they will ripen up nice, as far as yield you can't really judge by any pictures yet.
  12. Sounds good Im gonna get some bloom nutes today. How often do you usually add these?
  13. Personally when I grow in soil I will use a feed schedule like this
    Day 1: Water only no nutes
    Day 2: Nothing
    Day 3: check see if soil has dried (stick finger in soil check for dampness) If dry feed with water+nutes (start at 1/4 strength) If the soil still feels wet from the last watering hold on for watering with nutes again.
    Day 4: Nothing
    Day 5: Water only
    Day 6: Nothing
    Day 7: Water+ 1/4 strength nutes
    Week 2 start:
    Day 8: Nothing
    Day 9:Water + 1/2 strength nutes

    And basically follow that outline watering should be every other day or two and you alternate every other watering use nutes to feed, so in a 7 day week you should be feeding them up to two times and a total of 2-3 waterings in between
  14. Thanks for the advice. I'm excited to get these things flowering more than they are as its going slow all of a sudden although they are healthy. Too much growth and not enough budding.
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    When is the best time to trim the fan leaves? There budding a lot more now.
  16. Still wondering when to trim fan leaves? They are much larger now. Whats the benefit of trimming them? More light reaches?

    What about if I wait? Will they get larger?


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