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  1. Aloha Family,

    Quick question i am growing mazar and nevilles haze under a 400 w in EARTH BOXES fox farm soilless mix and fox farm nutes.. They are flowering so slow its pathetic. Is this because of the earth box? They definitely stay wetter than growing in pots. I am at my 10th week of flowering and the buds are just not there they are just starting on the nevilles and the mazar has all the formation but not alot of crystals and no real density to the bud..
    Please help..
  2. Some plants take a long time...be patient. Take a few buds if you can't wait. It will tell you if they're done.
  3. Thanks for the reply man,
    and yes i have sampled and no they are not ready. The shake from my nevilles once dried packs more of a whallop than the dried mazar buds. its like when you try drying them the buds just dissapear...
    any and all help will be appreciated.
    I have also got some advice of using cha ching to help my buds pop which im ok with i try to be all organic i live in hawaii and the cha ching is 60$ at the local grow shop so i gotta wait a bit one thing i just started doing was using a molasses water base after i have been using only water for the past few weeks. im hoping this will increase trichome production and resin production and of course sweeten the hole batch.
  4. At this point in flower, you can use molasses at 1 tablespoon per gallon of water twice a week. It may not make a huge difference, but will feed the beneficial bacteria in your soil. Any other nute that is high in P and/or K won't hurt either. Bottom line, I think you are just seeing the difference in two different strains.....some are slower than others, but its usually worth the wait.

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