flowering going on for more then 8 weeks?

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  1. So im currently growing 14 plants and they are at the end of week 9 in flowering. Ive been looking at the trichs and have had the local dispensery looks at them too and so far it seems that only 1 is ready to be cut. The worker at the club said i needed around 2 weeks on all the others. the one that was ready to cut was a recon plant while the other 13 are either chocolate chunk or black domina. The black domina are signifactly shorter than the choco chunk but thats cuz they were cloned later on. Is it possible, in any scenario, for plants to take this long to finish flowetring? it could be the strain i guess but i think thats unlikely.
    any help would be great
  2. Some strains can take 10 weeks.
  3. Try up to 15 weeks. And, you start counting "flowering" from when the plant shows sex, not necessarily from when you flip the lights, so it might not even be 8 weeks yet after all depending on how you are counting.

  4. i thought you started counting the flowering weeks as soon as you flip the lighting to 12/12...
    can anyone settle this? hahha
  5. the cyrstals began to show roughly a week in half ago
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    Toasty's right.. You count it when you see the preflowers because that is the sign the plant is ready to bud.. The switch can be done at anytime, but until the girl shows preflowers it hasn't switched to flowering mode yet..

    Sativas can take up to 15-16 weeks depending on the strain.. With bagseed you never know what to expect.. The two bagseed I'm on now.. One should be finished up in a week so it was a 10 week and the other is expected to go another 3-4 weeks.. It's all genetics..
  7. i'm currently growing ak-48 mostly indica (6-7 weeks flowering average) and haze #1 mostly sativa (11-14 weeks flowering average) it all depends on the strain...

  8. thanks everyone for the help. im somewhat less worried now haha

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