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  1. I'm getting ready to flower my WW. This is my first grow and I'd like some advice. I'll switch form 20/4 to 12/12 in about a week.
    I'm thinking of making a nutrient tea. I'm thinking of seeping 1 tbls of Indonesian bat guano (.5N 13P .2K) and a tbls of molasses in a gallon of water. Or should I seep a tbls of bone meal and a tbls molasses? Or both guano and bone meal with the molasses? I'm going to seep with reusable tea bags overnight and stir in the molasses just before I feed them. Is this a viable plan? I have no interest in buying bottled nutes.
    \nI have four WW 6 weeks from sprouting. They range in size from 10 -12 inches and are in 3-gal. smartpots
    20/4 lighting
    600w MH
    temp is 80 - 82F with lights on and 72 - 74F with lights off
    lights are 30 inches away
    \nSoil mix is:
    4 parts Dr. Earth Pot-O-Gold,
    2 parts each perlite, vermiculite, peat, EWC
    1/4 cup each dolmite lime and kelp meal,
    1 tbls each bone meal, blood meal, Indonesian and Mexican bat guano
    I watered 2 weeks ago with 2 tbls molasses in a gallon of 6.8 ph water, otherwise I've watered every two or three days with tap water at ph 6.8 when soil is dry.
    \nI flushed a couple of days ago to fix some minor nutrient burn. Did my flushing wash out all the nutrients? It really helped the plants, they each grew about an inch in two days and the new growth looks healthy. Please tell me if you guys (and some gals) think I should feed or if my soil mix is adequate.
    \nAny advice is welcome.

  2. 30 inches is a long way off to keep the light, 18 would be more like it for a 600w. It's far easier to just buy propriety nutrients than mixing your own soil, I use biobizz which is "organic". Although what the fuck organic actually means these days is anybody's guess... Some of the stuff you've added like the lime, peat and vermiculite can seriously effect the soils pH. First thing I'd do is get a soil pH test kit and see where you're at... The guys on the organic growing thread will know more.
    The water is consistently at ph 6.8. I have a kit and ph the water with PH Up/Down before watering. I check the runoff and it's never been below 6.5 or above 7.3. I lowered the lights to about 20 inches from the top of the largest plant and the temp only went up two degrees from 82 to 84 degrees. If I do buy some proprietary nutrients my best choice is Dr. Earth. A local garden center sells Dr. Earth Golden Bloom and other Dr. Earth products as well as Neptune's Harvest, but those are kinda pricey. [SIZE=14.3999996185303px]They don't sell Bio Bizz, Fox Farm or GH.[/SIZE]
    I have most of the ingredients listed on the Golden Bloom bottle: bone meal, kelp meal, EWC, and rock phosphate. If I toss in molasses I'm putting in a bunch of micronutrients and sugars.  
    [SIZE=14.3999996185303px]I could go with Espoma Tomato Tone. It seems to have the same NPK as Golden Bloom and I could use it on the tomato plants I have in the grow room. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=14.3999996185303px]It seems like you suggest I not dick around with mixing my own nutes and just use the pre-mixed stuff. I'll look around and see if I can get Bio Bizz in my area. Thanks for the input.[/SIZE]
  4. You can get everything you need from ebay or amazon, try and get one that's designed for weed. I don't recognize the names because I'm based in Europe. Tomato food works, but isn't ideal. As for the lights "A great way to check for heat is to use the "hand test." After your grow light has been turned on, place one of your hands (palm facing downward) near the top of your plants and let it sit there for 10 seconds. If the light feels too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your plants and you will need to either move the light up or find a way to better control heat."
    Have a read http://www.growweedeasy.com/hps-grow-lights-setup#distance-mh-hps-plants
  5. Thanks for the link. It's a great resource and I bookmarked it.
  6. I am growing a we and going an organic Ru. ..I also enjoy Dr earth. I think you should cook your soil before the next grow and not buy new soil....

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