flowering different aged plants in same space?

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  1. Hey everybody. Back again with some questions. I have 3 plants in one grow space. 2 of them will be 8 weeks on the 23rd and the other new addition is 4 1/2 weeks old. The olders are approx 2 feet and the younger maybe 9 inches, pretty close to a foot. Anywho, they are all still on 24/24 and im thinking it is time for the 2 olders to go into flowering. Am i right? Ok, if i am, this means I will have to move the younger into a different space otherwise it would go into premature flowering wouldn't it? This wont be that difficult for me to do, to move the plant, however it would be so much easier for me to just leave it. I was considering trying to put the plants into 18/6 cycle, to start, just to see what happens and my thinking was that maybe it wouldnt be so bad for the younger plant. I know ive heard before that some people go ahead and flower after 4 weeks only the size and yields are much smaller. What would happen if i went ahead and let the younger start flowering? Is that to much of a risk? Also, am i right that its about time that the 8 week olds go into flowering and should i just go ahead and do 12/12? How much longer can I let them veg and what if any are the consequences of letting them veg too long. Oh yea, one more, LoL, trying to get too much into one post here, Will someone send me a good link to buy good ferts and the stuff thats called "bigbud" i think. Anywho, im looking for special formulas to enhance bud growth. Thanks a bunch ya'lls!
  2. these will help u.. once u hit flowering stage. plant will double the size.. just metsure, and see if u got the space for your older plants to get any bigger... i hit a plant at 3 inches tall into 12/12.. it was a male, and not many sacks of pollen, O <---sacks where that big......lol...
  3. Basically you can trigger flowering at any moment. Like you said, the only thing is that the plant will be smaller in the end as the others. If you trigger flowering go to 12/12 right away without 18/6 first; that's no problem.
    If you are looking for special pot ferts, just go to Google and look for 'grow shops'. Probably you will end up at foreign web sites, but most of them ship to other countries. Otherwise visit your local garden center and look if they sell ferts for tomatoes; they're basically the same as for pot.
    Good luck!
  4. I'd go ahead and blast 'em with 12/12 for about 10 weeks at this point. Just keep the lights far enough away from the tops. Maybe crop or FIM the tall ones before going 12/12. I'm doing very well with a soil mix for roses, humus, Schultz's soil and Schultz Bloom Plus (10-60-10) in clear water for 12/12. I'm just using a bunch of compact flo's and move the air around a few times a day with very good to excellent results so far. I put them to flowering after only 3 1/2 weeks and the key was to keep the lamps at equal distances. I'm going to have a 2-phase harvest maybe 3 weeks apart because half of them grew so damn fast that I didn't want to change anything except to do some pruning. It's my best batch yet.
  5. Good bunch of replies. Phyll: You said your using a whole bunch of compact flouros for yours-how many plants is that that you have and whats the total wattage? See, ive been debating for 4 weeks now on what light to purchase for flowering. I started off with VERY cheap light, its about all my budget would allow. Anyhow alot of you guys might be shocked or laugh (lol) at the wattage my 3 plants have been veggin with. A whoppin 40 watts. Not much i know, but the plants have grown well. They have actualy gotten 2 feet tall with that wattage. Just for heat i stuck a GE blue 60 watt plant bulb in the socket in the closet, i really dont think that it helps anything excedpt keep the closet a little warmer. I have a pretty tight space so it would be GREAT if i could wrack up on more flouros and not get an HPS system. But here goes this question----- If i DO go ahead and get HPS, for just 3 plants will 250 watts of HPS do the trick? Nother question- are those EZhydrolights any good? those comjpact flouros? Do you think that one 125 watt ezhydro compact flouro would be enough to flower my plants? Id really like to stick with flouros. tell me what you think. Thanks ....
  6. Compact Flourescent Lamps are enough if you do everything else right including how you go about setting up the lamps. I use the clamp-type fixture/reflectors. You have to make provisions in your grow room for places to clamp or hang your fixtures. I have eight female plants in a big 24" diameter black plastic planter filled with a kick-ass soil mix. I have them under eight CFL's - some are warm white and some are "daylight" color. Check out www.bulbs.com for a good CFL selection. I'm running an assortment of smaller and larger compact spiral bulbs producing approx. 11,000 lumens over the space. My fan is above the lamps and I run it a few times during the "on" cycle. I am very concious of the fact that HPS lighting is probably better but I think it's safer and more economical to use CFL's because there's less heat and less of a burden on the household electrical system. Also, CFL's have their ballasts built in and all you do is screw them into a regular socket. It gets a little tricky when fitting all these lamps around the plants in such a small space (36"x36"x60"H) ...I don't like the idea of using the hot ones such as HPS and MH in a small closet space and I don't think I'm giving up a whole lot by using CFL's. I spent roughly $100 for the entire system. Oh yeah, I found the planter in the median of the freeway. It must have fallen out of the back of a landscaper's truck. I love when that happens!
  7. Phyll: Spank you very much! Oh, yea, what is the total wattage? dont think you mentioned that? I love it when i find things on the road too. LoL I wish someone would leave a nice lighting system in the road. Do you know off hand if those ezhydro clf's are good? Cuz they seem to be reasonable priced. I can get a 125 watt one for 50.00. seem like a good deal? Hey while im here. Let me run this by you or anyone else that can shed some "light" on this issue. One of my plants the bottom main leaves started curling up and when i touched, they fell off, then a week later the other set above them got unhappy and came off too. Im gettin scared. Is this over fert, or a lack of nutrients? i cant seem to to get my ph over 5.0, i use tap water to water, we prob have acidic water or something. My npk test kit showed them deficient in all but phosphorus which was abundant. Any tips? Oh yea, you didnt comment on me using only 40 watts for the 3 veggin plants. Is this absolutely crazy, or has that be sufficient do you think.
  8. Yeah, get some more wattage (lumens) going. Buy the larger compact spiral bulbs. They can be up to around 80 watts apiece but I stuck to a budget. I've seen them at Walmart, Home Depot, etc. They usually have smaller wattage bulbs in multi-packs and the larger ones packaged individually. I have not seen the 80 watt bulbs anywhere but on the web. Just go by lumens per bulb and make sure that you have at least 1200 lumens per square foot of your grow space. You can figure out the total watts later and have that info for reference. I have had the luxury of not having to diagnose problems with my grows just yet. I would make sure your soil mix and watering are correct. Maybe try spray-misting some distilled water over them. Maybe you ought to lay off of the tap water altogether. Don't overdo the fertilizer/nutrients. Keep the lamps close but not literally on them. I've been lucky.

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